To buy children's clothing wholesale from Suzie is simple and profitable.

Only three steps to successful cooperation:

  1. Call or email us. The manager will help you choose products according to your wishes and needs.
  2. Choose the most comfortable payment option and pay the order.
  3. Get the order with most convenient method for you.

How to buy products

Pre order

We provide the ability to pre-order collections that no one else has. A weighty advantage of such cooperation is the fact that you receive the goods faster than competitors. You will already be selling when others only see the product in the price list. That is, you will have exclusive products.

How to take a pre-order:

  1. Professional advice from our managers.
  2. Deposit for the order.
  3. We will sew your order as quickly as possible.
  4. Deposit the remaining funds before full payment.
  5. We send the finished products convenient for you carrier.

How to make a pre-order

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