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About us

Taking the rule to produce only high-quality, elegant and unique products, we have secured a reputation as a market leader. It is we who set the trends.

The range of our products is very wide:

  • Dresses, blouses, skirts - will give a festive mood any day.
  • Outerwear (sweaters, jackets, wamuses and coats) will warm in cold seasons.
  • And the school uniform will make the girl the queen of style not only of her school.

The production uses high quality fabrics and accessories. And tailoring is carried out on modern Japanese equipment.

We create clothes that give comfort and attract the attention of others. Therefore, it is in our products that girls from an early age feel stylish, fashionable and beautiful.

Children's clothing of our brand is the main decoration of any store. A team of young designers is closely watching the changing world of fashion and always knows what trends will be tomorrow. The main advantage of all models is the style that brings fashionistas closer to the world of adult fashion. Children feel confident in the clothes of our brand because it is extremely comfortable. Each collection is sewn only once and never repeated. Therefore, the Suzie range is always in trend.

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Oleg Hrynov

General Director

Olga Hrynova

art director, designer


executive director


head of sales department


technical director




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