When your girl is sick: how to treat a cold in a child

When your girl is sick: how to treat a cold in a child

It is very easy for adults to get sick. After all, you always know what to do if you feel that you have a cold coming to you. Everyone has their own signs that it is better to take time off from work tomorrow, or to ask for a sick leave.

Children are completely different. A child cannot always tell his parents that he has a cold. He just doesn’t understand his body yet, so he doesn’t know that it is heading for a cold, high fever and a strong cough.
However, even a simple acute respiratory infection in childhood is not a joke. A small and such common cold can turn into something much more serious if you do not take action in time. But how can parents find out that a child has caught a cold if they are not doctors?

The first thing that should alert the parents is a sudden drowsiness, apathy with your baby. She is no longer pleased with beautiful dolls or her favorite children's clothes, which she always happily dresses.
In this case, something is definitely wrong. And the first thing to do is feel your forehead. Check whether it is normal or suspiciously hot. In any case, it does not hurt to additionally measure the temperature with a thermometer. Additional colds include: swollen lymph nodes, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and redness of the eyes.

It is also important to know that colds are of two types: viral and bacterial. Both of them are treated absolutely differently, so it will always be the way to consult with your pediatrician doctor. Never, under any circumstances, buy on your own and do not give your child any pills, syrups or other medicines! The appointment of a course of treatment and prescription of drugs should be done only by a specialist - your doctor!

What to do if the cold still got to your girl?

Be sure to put her in bed. To walk, and even more so to run in such a state is harmful. The body needs rest. The room must have constant access to fresh air. Do not believe in the myth that when a disease in the house should be warm enough. Scientists have proven that at high temperatures, harmful bacteria multiply much better. Ventilate the room often, this is very important. In a girl's room it will be enough to have 20-22 ° C. In case of illness, the body actively loses moisture, so do not be surprised that your daughter will often ask to drink. Do not refuse her and give plenty of water. The drink may be warm or cool. However, by no means cold or hot.

As for children's clothes, it would be best to dress your daughter in cotton pajamas. This material is best able to absorb moisture - baby sweat.

Yes, you may not be very lucky, and the child will catch a cold after the winter holidays, while studying. However, it is better to miss a few days of school and qualitatively cure the disease in suitable conditions than to let everything go to chance. In time, not cured disease, even the common cold, threatens with great complications in the future!

Remember that any problem is much easier to prevent at all than to solve it. And do not forget that sports, proper nutrition, warm and high-quality children's clothes - this is what will help your daughter rarely get sick and recover quickly.

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