What’s for dinner? How to feed your kid in summer

What’s for dinner? How to feed your kid in summer

Oh, summer! Hot sun, school holidays, long days for games and short nights for sleep. And a lot of ice-cream!

But nobody will buy for own child an ice-cream as slashing dinner, right? Let’s think about what your child needs to eat in the summer and why.


Just want to calm mothers, who noticed their kid started to eat less, compared to winter. This is totally OK because in wintertime body needs more energy to deal with low temperature.

And to regain the energy human need food. In the summer system also dealing with energy loss, but because of heat. That’s why we need more soupy meals and less dry one.


So, let’s begin with breakfast. What to feed a child, who may be a little sleepy?

Of course, various porridges would be a great choice. And because it’s summer, add some berries for better flavor and usefulness. Now it’s their time and berries cost pretty cheap price.

As an alternative, you can make banana pancakes. Bananas are very useful and have a big amount of vitamins in it. And also you can eat them starting from 6-month old.

Or chicken eggs. Breakfast in the form of an omelette will be very satisfying for the child. Energy will be enough until dinner.


Slowly moving to dinner time. No doubts, that’s the midday is perfect for eating some soup. You can satisfy your hunger and thirst with one dish. Summer is the time of green borscht. But if your little one doesn’t like green one, you can make a red one with some chicken. Okroshka you can easily name the synonym of the summer and heat. Probably, one of the best soups for this time of the year. Also, you can make a gazpacho or a cold borscht if you don’t want a warm soup.

In the summer you must be careful about milk. No matter if it’s a milk, or a sour cream, or a cottage cheese. Because of high temperatures, milk products can contain harmful bacteria and that’s why you better not to give a child in a raw form at all. Better to make a syrniki from cottage cheese. With raisins. It is sweet, useful and tasty. Just what kids of any ages like.

If you have some chicken meat, make a chicken cutlets and as a side dish prepare mashed potatoes or buckwheat.

If you have pasta, better to cook it without meat. Instead of it add some salad from fresh vegetables. A very satisfying option will be spaghetti with cheese. Classical Italian dish — simple and tasty.

As a dessert, you can pre-cook jelly, or give a glass of cold milk with cookies. If the kid today is well-behaved and not capricious, give him a well-deserved reward — ice cream. The main thing is to eat cold slowly. And the pleasure is greater, and the risk of getting sick in the summer (and nobody likes it) is reduced to a minimum.

And evening time at last. In the daytime, kids lost a pretty big amount of energy by playing games. That’s why you can forget about food kid ate at the dinner. But overeating just before going to bed is also a bad idea. We will seek the golden mean!

Meat and fish dishes will be ideal for supper. Bake in the sleeve or stew the meat; make stuffed or baked fish with garnishes. The main rule in the summer: minimum fried. Instead, bake or simmer!

You can also, for example, make stuffed tomatoes, or Bulgarian pepper stuffed with rice and meat. Or outdone yourself and make a meat casserole.

You can make a pizza. Everybody likes pizza!


Follow the rules: dinner should be as light as possible (just a cold-type soup will be perfect), breakfast should be a little “heavier”, and most of the food should be at the supper table. Milk-type products are awesome, especially in the summer. But be careful and buy the only in supermarkets.

Do not forget to use the main advantage of summer: a lot of cheap and fresh vegetables and fruits. In the end, preservatives will always be less useful than their fresh colleagues.


Have a nice appetite for you and your whole family!

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