What useful and fashionable to present a first-grader girl

What useful and fashionable to present a first-grader girl

The first step to conscious maturation — is going to school. New, unknown horizons are opening for the future pupil. The most pleasant moment — meeting with classmates, same kids as she is, so they all can be spent time with joy. The closest people must organize a holiday for it. And be prepared well for such important moment in little girl’s life. And, that’s why we have a couple pieces of advice, on what can you get for fashionable first-grader.


You need school bag to call yourself a schoolgirl. You can buy it yourself if you know the interests of a little girl. Be sure to check not only on how it looks but also if there is an orthopedic back. You can get stylish pencil case with favorite cartoon heroes or with paettes on it, to match it with school bag. Put inside a couple of original pens.


Another good present will be clothing. Nice and quality clothing for your girl, you can buy at Suzie’s. In our catalogs you can find school uniforms for everyone’s taste, blouses, skirts, dresses pants — all, what fashionable first-grader needs. Various colors and models of Suzie’s brand clothing — you will not remain indifferent.


To complete the image, pick up nice shoes. Holiday models, special for the first day at school, sure make a young lady happy.

Another good present will be a watch. Look for models with stylish watch belts same color as shoes or school bag. The present not only fashionable but also is useful because the girl will learn to orient in time.


The good surprise will make a presented diary. Not for the marks one, but the secret one. It locks with a key and will keep all secrets from others eyes. Present like that will make jealous all girls female friends.


Remember, that present — is the symbol of holiday and happiness. And it’s in the parent's hands to make the first day and all other days at school happy enough for the girl.

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