Washing and drying: secrets and advices

Washing and drying: secrets and advices

The washing machine is the best helper for any family. We are saving so many time thanks to it! Mothers can spend time on herself or on her children while clothes are washing.

We already talked in one of our articles about label signs and useful information they had.

But not many people know that not only clothes can be washed in the machine. Shoes, stuffed toys, mats, and many other things. You don’t need to wash them yourself when you have this helper in your home.


1. Shoes too dirty after autumn rain? You can clean your sneakers fast and easy. The main thing is to pull out the lacing and insoles. Best washing mode for such items is delicate. If knocking from machine annoying you add a towel inside. It will make noises much quiet.


2. Stuffed toys are the thing that looking good only when they are clean. Wash them in a delicate mode with an additional rinse. And also a lifehack: for disinfection put a toy for the night into a freezer.


3. Mats for your feet or yoga. There no special rules about these items. You can wash even your car mats. But before doing it shake off the dust.


4. Pillows. Remember to wash them with delicate mode and rinsing. Do not forget to align the lumps that will appear after the procedure.


5. Your b become too dirty? Add it into your washing machine too. Just turn it like a snail. Choose temperature mode with 45 degrees and spin performed on 800.


So, we talked about 5 unusual items that will become clean again thanks to the washing machine. And although this home appliance helps to wash fast and high-quality, sometimes it's too little time. You may want to put on your favorite blouse, but she’s still wet after washing. What to do in that case?

The situation is familiar to many and everyone tries to solve it somehow in their own way. Suzie has some lifehacks, how to quickly dry your wet clothes.


1. Hair dryer — our assistant number one. The problem is that you can dry only small products or from thin fabric with this device.


2. Iron. Turn off your steam mode and you are ready to go iron. On the surface that needed to be ironed you better to put some dry towel. It will absorb the wet.  Spend the iron on both sides several times and repeat the procedure after 15 minutes.


3. Radiator. You can use your radiator only in winter season. But be careful. Some clothes can burn off. That’s why it is better to twist them.


4. Fan heater. Place the device on sufficient distance from the clothing. Spread it good. And keep track of the blowing temperature.


5. The oven is not the safest option to dry your clothes but pretty effective. Turn on the oven and open the doors. In front of them, on the chair hang up wet clothes. Periodically rotate them.


6. Microwave can help to dry only small-sized clothes. Put it inside and set the timer for 30 seconds. You can repeat it a couple times. Attention! Do not dry in the microwave things from cotton and with metallic fittings.


7. Sun and wind will dry your clothes without any effort. Turn them inwards so the fabric does not burn on the sunrays.


But do not forget about the danger. Even in the case when you have too little time do not use methods we are going to talk about. Results can be too unexpected.


TOP-3 dangerous methods. Do not use them!


1. Electric heater. This device is too hot for drying your clothes. It can damage them. In addition, moisture can cause short circuits.


2. Open fire. The distance from the fire source must be at least 1 meter. Or you can cause a fire in your home.


3. Iron for hair. You will only harm your clothing with it. It will leave burned places after you used this iron.


We hope our advice will help you. Suzie always happy to help mothers make their life more interesting and bright. Let your clothes and other things will serve you for a long time and do not lose their beauty.

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