Warm hand: choosing pair of gloves

Warm hand: choosing pair of gloves

Every fashionista knows: gloves are an indispensable accessory during cold seasons. These small and light things for gentle female hands more than once rescued their owners, not letting them freeze in winter or late autumn.

Gloves were invented in the XII century and in the Middle Ages, they were only the dignity of the highest society. Stretched with gold and precious stones, only the supreme clergy and kings could afford this element of clothing.

Of course, over time, everything has changed dramatically. Now anyone can afford a pair of warm, comfortable and beautiful gloves. What is good about this accessory is its versatility: apart from the hot summer, they can be worn almost all year round!

Of course, a completely different pair of gloves is needed for the spring period and for the winter.

For late spring or early autumn, choose thin models. The temperature on the street is still (or already) not so low, so there is no need for serious protection from the cold. Models for these seasons consist, as a rule, of one layer of wool. Their name is simple: single-layer gloves. They sit comfortably on the arm and are perfect as an addition to a lightweight coat or jacket.

If the street is already quite cold, you should pay attention to the two-layer model. They are made of double wool, so they are quite warm: they perfectly protect the skin of hands from frost, strong and cold wind.


Let's talk, from what do these useful things. Women's gloves can be made of cloth, wool, leather or leatherette. If there is a very strong cold in winter, there are also fur, as well as various insulation. Of course, the warmer and denser the gloves, the less comfort in wearing them. However, it is always necessary to sacrifice something: if you want good weather protection, be prepared to experience trouble using the phone, for example. After all, thick gloves do not allow to control the touchscreens.

In order for you to work with your gadgets in cold seasons, there are special gloves. In them, your smartphone will again be obedient. But we must not forget that in such products it will not always be warm enough for your fingers.

Remember: choosing a new pair of beautiful and exquisite gloves, think about when exactly you want to wear them. First look at the material, and only then at their design. Woman's hands should always be beautiful, regardless of the time of year. And gloves should only help in this, but not interfere.

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