"Warm Fifth": scarves and their species

In a fashionable image, especially for women, there is no room for excessive details. Every item is thoughtful and relevant.
The autumn-winter period allows fashionistas to add another beautiful detail is a scarf. This thing brings with it new stylish ideas and allows to refresh looks with familiar images.
Most people are used to understand the word "scarf" in its classical form: a long narrow piece of cloth wounded up around the neck. But modern fashion offers a lot more styles and models of this accessory.

We have collected a list of the most relevant species for the cold season. Choose whatever you like.

Let's start with its classic version. Wear this style simply - usually it wraps around the neck, sometimes making a beautiful knot, or leaving the ends to hang. At a time when men hide a scarf under a coat or jacket, women prefer to leave it over the outwear.

Snood looks more interesting and original. This is a kind of ring without edges. Sometimes knitted snood can be worn on the head, but usually its place on the neck. With its style, it can perfectly protect from the piercing wind and at the same time it gives an image of tenderness and adds romantic notes. Snood is usually worn over a coat or jacket.

Baktus scarf is for those who love unusual details. This name has knitted triangular scarves. It is named is after the fictional hero of one of the Norwegian cartoons. Baktus love to decorate with beautiful patterns, pompons, braid. The length is usually 120-150 cm (although there are shorter variants), depending on what it will be worn. The shorter is accepted to dress in a duet with a coat-redding, and longer with a dress fitted with a cut.

A skew scarf is a relatively new form of this accessory. First of all, it is an interesting combination of a classic scarf with a standing collar. Unlike the classic one, there is an extension and a transverse section in the middle of the skew. Its edges can be joined with various fasteners. Actually, thanks to this feature, a skew scarf can always be distinguished from others.

Stole. In our time, this cape is in the wardrobe of almost every girl. It has a rectangular shape and a fringe at the ends, often decorated with a large pattern or ornament. Stole made from fur, velvet or woven. The easiest way to wear this scarf is to throw it over the neck behind and put the free end put behind your back. Thanks to this method, the stole can be any width.


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