Trend: "ugly" shoes


Modern fashion has ceased to focus on the desire to decorate the figure or hide flaws. Also in the past were the usual methods of combining clothes and accessories, harmony and a single style. There are no more universal rules, now the main principles are the comfort and ingenious combination of heterogeneous elements in one image.
In the wake of a new course on convenience, popularity has gained things that previously seemed fashionable taboos, for example, orthopedic shoes and tourist style. The trend, which is jokingly referred to as “ugly shoes”, turned out to be the most practical and adaptive in our climatic conditions. After all, a long period of snow and slush implies the presence in the wardrobe at least one such pair.

This year, designers and stylists offer to pay attention to the tourist and sports shoes. It differs manufacturability of the materials used (for example, membrane Gore-Tex), high moisture and frost resistance. Massive grooved outsole does not slip, which is especially important for the safety of the child. Modern models are made either in a minimalist style with a hint of futurism or in an emphatically utilitarian with massive and expressive details. These can be various inserts, lacing, extra loops, rubber toe or heel.

To make the image of the girl not rude, boots in the style of "tourist chic" require a neighborhood with other trend things. For example, combine “ugly” shoes with an oversized sweater with a triangular yoke from the 80s, straight mini-skirt or leggings, and emphasize the waist with a fashionable waist bag with a thin strap. Also suitable monochromatic knitted dress with a frill or eco-leather sundress with a turtleneck. An interesting trick that will look great on a woman of fashion of any age - monochrome. Find boots, cropped trousers, a sweatshirt, a hat and a jacket in shades of powder or sand - and the enthusiastic glances of passers-by are provided for you. For tourist shoes, it is not necessary to choose a down jacket, warmed jeans or a park. This season, stylists offer to wear them with almost all types of outerwear. Suit and classic coat of pastel color, and a bright artificial fur coat.
The most unusual and comfortable trend of this season will help your princess to spend the cold months actively and stylishly. Feel free to complement the children's wardrobe with shoes in a tourist style and let your winter be cozy.


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