Top 7 healthy sweets

Top 7 healthy sweets

A cozy and fabulous atmosphere of winter gives special feelings. The scent of pine needles, tangerines, cocoa, chocolate, and cinnamon belong to this magical world. Of course, it also has his own taste: sweet, because the various winter holidays are filled with gifts and sweets.
But what about the fact that refined sugar and various food additives, which are part of purchased sweets, in large quantities can cause harm to the health of the child? In our top, we offer a useful, but no less tasty alternative.

1. Honey. This is the first sugar substitute that always comes to mind. A lot is known about its beneficial properties, and a variety of varieties will not let even a capricious gourmet get bored. High-quality natural honey can be added to cereals, is with unsweetened cookies or whole-grain bread. But it is worth remembering that this is an allergenic product, which is not recommended to use in large quantities.
2. Dried fruits. Dates, figs, dried apricots, prunes, dried cherries, cranberries, raisins - isn’t it, every little thing in itself is like a candy? They can be full-fledged goodies both by themselves and as a basis for sweet recipes. Pass the dried fruit through a meat grinder and you will get a mass from which it is easy to form balls. Finished sweets can be wrapped in coconut, sesame, nuts or corn flakes. Thus, treats can be very diverse due to different combinations of toppings and shells.
3. Halva. There are many types of this dessert, for example, sunflower, peanut, sesame, with raisins, with nuts ... The main thing you should pay attention to is the presence of honey, not molasses or white sugar.
4. Marmalade. Of course, the only natural, which can be bought in the shops of healthy food or cook at home. It consists of fruit and berry puree, agar-agar, and sugar can be taken cane or beet. Even if you make marmalade with regular sugar, it will still be healthier than the one you bought from the store.
5. Marshmallow. One more light and gentle delicacy which will be better for preparing at home. It is also based on pureed fruit and berries, agar-agar and sugar, and lightness is provided by whipped proteins. Marshmallow contains pectin, protein, iron, and many other trace elements, therefore, it will certainly bring not only joy but also beneficial to the child.
6. Frozen berries. They retain most of the beneficial vitamins and microelements if the freezing rules have been observed. Delight the little girl with memories of a warm summer.
7. Nut and chocolate paste. Yes, the beloved children "Nutella" but crafted by yourself. Dietary supplements and palm oil make the store product harmful. At home, its taste is easy to repeat and beat with the help of healthy ingredients: milk, butter, cocoa and a lot of nuts.

A child who is shining with health and joy is the main value for every mother. Useful sweets will be the best way to express love and care, since right from childhood to instill good taste not only in clothes but also in food.


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