Top 7 Coat Trends for Spring 2019

Top 7 Coat Trends for Spring 2019

The long cold period is coming to an end, which means that it’s time to think about choosing the best coat for your princess. To make the search more pleasant and exciting, the designer of the brand “Suzie” has prepared for you a fresh top spring trends.

1. Volants. New romance are one of the leading directions of this season, so the finishing of all kinds of ruffles, folds and frills at the peak of popularity. These elements are more familiar in light dresses, but with proper use of the properties of materials, they can look great in outerwear. Give preference to classic silhouettes and plain fabrics, so that the shuttlecocks do not lose the charm of tenderness and sculptural forms.


2. Bows are another cute trend during neo-romanticism. It is difficult to come up with a sweeter and more girlish decor than beautifully tied ribbons of noble materials. So feel free to choose a coat with bows for a little princess.
3. Original sleeves. The emphasis on the shoulder line and sleeve form is a big trend of recent seasons, which will not give up its position for a long time. The increased popularity of the style of the 80s brought coats with rounded sleeves to the podiums. For young ladies most suitable model of small volume with various folds or tucks.
4. Large pockets and other massive details (belt, shoulder straps) represent a fashion trend that is gaining momentum — tourist chic. The underlined utility borders on exaggerated decorativeness. For a teenage girl, a coat of a classic silhouette with one or two elements of a new style will suit, so that the image is not overloaded.
5. Double-breasted clasp. The concept of a cocoon or blanket is the most comfortable option for outerwear. The bulkiness of winter jackets and coats gives way to easier interpretations of the trend. Coat-robes on the smell and with a belt or more stringent models with two rows of buttons look equally well on little ladies and perfectly protect from the wind.
6. Asymmetry well refreshes the most ordinary silhouettes. The idea of ​​combining two in one product, as if stitched in the center, may seem too bold for a girl's image. Therefore, you should pay attention to the products in which the asymmetry is manifested in small details.
7. Cape and poncho are especially popular this season. Light capes without laying, but with classic details (collar, belt, pockets or their imitation) will add variety to your girl's demi-season wardrobe.

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