Top 5 ideas on what to wear in the summer dress

Top 5 ideas on what to wear in the summer dress

A stylish accessory can be added to the bright and stylish summer dresses. If it easy for an adult lady to pick it up, then for the young one, it must try to meet her needs and was comfortable. Suzie has prepared five ideas of things with which it is possible and necessary to wear dresses this summer.


Bag or briefcase: depends on the likes of the young lady. Of course, it’s best to dress a briefcase under a dress suit in a casual style and sneakers or ballet flats. The bag is suitable for trips to the cinema, cafe or just a long walk, where you do not have to take a lot of things. Fashionable this season for girls handbags, which can be worn over the shoulder is a very comfortable and practical accessory.


A light jacket will not interfere even in the summer when the young princess gathered for a walk in the evening. Jackets are mostly classic cut, and accordingly, the dress should be more rigorous and elegant. This season in fashion vivid monochrome jackets, which slightly cover the hips. This can be attributed to cardigans. In Suzie, they are represented in models Agatha and Libya.


Bright sandals can be worn in a tone with the handbag or a briefcase. Although they can be picked exclusively under the dress. Manufacturers offer a variety of variations of sandals, the main thing to consider their quality and comfort for the leg. For teen girls, you can buy something on a small heel.


Another cool accessory for summer — glasses. When choosing them, parents should be careful. They need to pick up qualitative lenses not to spoil the child of vision. Therefore, it is better to go to stores that specialize in optics. As for trendy trends of this summer — feel free to choose a lens for a girl in a form of pink hearts, cats or butterflies. The colors are pink, blue or mirror.


Hit of summer is a straw hat with narrow edges and bow. It is suitable for long walks on a hot day, or even on the beach. Fashionistas wear it under a lightweight chiffon dress of any length or a flaxen dress.


And you can buy an ideal dress for any purpose at Suzie. Always stylish and high-quality dresses will not leave indifferent little princess.

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