Top 5 fashion jeans of this summer

Top 5 fashion jeans of this summer

Whoever spoke, but a few pairs of jeans should be in the wardrobe of every small and adult fashionista. They are practical, comfortable and great for almost every type of shape depending on the style. It is believed that jeans should be classified as a casual style. The trend of this summer absolutely refutes this fact.

So, let’s see what jeans young princess should choose for the summer of 2018 and with what elements of the wardrobe could combine them.  


The Boyfriends

Jeans got that name because they are somewhat similar to men’s classic pants. They have a high waistline and a lowered line of width. To add femininity, designers decorate them with rhinestones, sequins, make scuffs, embroidered and more. Wear the boyfriends with free cut T-shirts. Suzie has T-shirt Liana, which has an original print and decorative bow.


With the high waist

The period of the 70’s and 80’s is coming back. Because exactly then high waistline trousers were in trend. In general, this kind of jeans is tightly fitting legs and hips, so it is more suitable for the girls of the senior school age, who already have the purpose to emphasize their figure. Basically, fashionistas wear short T-shirts or blouses with such pants. Or dress them up.


Torn or worn

If you feel too hot in ordinary jeans in summer, then choose torn one to help with ventilation. It is recommended to wear with torn jeans monochrome T-shirts or  T-shirts with a print. Suzie has two great T-shirts that fit this image. The delicate one, called Kylie — with a decorated sleeve, and a stylish “Payt” with paettes on the shoulders.


Shorted models

Jeans with truncated braids have long been in fashion. They can be of several types: wide pipes, narrow and a free tubes. In addition, truncated models have their own little girl’s secret: they make legs longer and slimmer. With such jeans, a Suzie’s T-shirt Veta will look great. She has a free cut with a nice print and a decorative bot at the bottom of the product.


Boiled jeans

A peculiar “hello from the past” is about boiled jeans. Fashionable 80’s pants are back in new collections of designers. You can boldly choose light or dark. It is better to wear a one-tone top, such as Suzie’s Azalea T-shirt. The shirt is quite original, decorated with a picture and a large bead on the shoulders and below the product.


Carefully choose jeans of various styles. Define the color and complement them with the wonderful Suzie T-shirts.

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