Top 5 combinations of unusual tights in everyday images

Top 5 combinations of unusual tights in everyday images

Children's fashion trends are fully copying by adult trends, only slightly changing them. Little princesses are happy to wear oversize clothes, culottes and vinyl pants. However, sometimes it happens that stylistic techniques, which are considered infantile, appear on fashion weeks and return in trendy images for children. This is exactly what is happening now with colored and patterned tights, which have always been considered an attribute of the youngest ladies.


In the collections of recent seasons, designers and stylists offer the most incredible prints and textures of hosiery. Often they look too extravagant for everyday life. However, well-chosen ironic and cute version will add originality and emphasize the original style of each child. Therefore, we have prepared for you the TOP 5 of the most relevant combinations of unusual tights with different clothes.


1. Variety of colors. A bright and truly autumnal trend from the 60s, which will help to cheer up even in the gloomiest days is dense models of rich shades. Such tights look great with things in a sporty style, for example, with hoodie dresses or voluminous sweatshirts and warm shorts. Also, a similar accent is easy to dilute everyday clothes in classic style or casual. Deep dark colors such as Marsala, Indigo, Emerald are well suited for school. Yellow, red, turquoise and pink is best for walking and parties. A combo of colored tights and shoes in the same tone looks impressive like nothing else. This technique visually makes the silhouette longer and makes the outfit thought out to the smallest detail.


2. Animal print is an obvious trend of the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season, so it is also presented in hosiery. Tiger, leopard, a zebra will decorate your girl's legs and add mischief to the image. Denim, knitted knit, eco-material and suede are best suited to such patterns. It is important to choose calm color combinations and not overload the costume with details. The most successful styles are casual and boho.


3. Shining draws attention. This fashionable axiom is true for tights. Add to your everyday outfit a model with lurex, brilliant dusting or rhinestones. Thus it is easy to achieve futuristic chic, which is now incredibly popular. Combine shining tights with monochrome things in a sporty style. Sophisticated cut and oversize are welcome.

            4. Texture knitting is a synonym for coziness, so on inclement days wear comfortable items with geometric patterns, braids, etc. The main advantage of such models is that natural fibers (cotton, wool, bamboo) most often predominate in their composition, they are pleasant to the body and do not cause allergic reactions. Take such tights, a straight coat in a cage and a skirt made of the same fabric, comfortable Chelsea boots or cowboy boots - and the coziest autumn image is ready. More daring fashionistas can afford free suede Bermuda shorts, boots with thick soles and a spectacular pelt of wool in the ethnic style.


5. Polka dot, thin-cell and herringbone prints are already considered classic among unusual tights. They are easiest to add to everyday looks, especially if these prints are made in black or gray. This option will be particularly appropriate in school, for other cases, you can look at the products of any color.


The main rule of successful images with original tights is a correctly placed accents. The brighter the stockings, the more restrained in color and texture should be other things. A proven option is black, gray or any unsaturated shade. Calm models can be complemented with spectacular clothes: a metallic jacket, a fur coat made from eco-leather, a latex skirt or a dress made of monochromatic  “grass” fabric. In general, this trend does not tolerate shyness, so do not hesitate to color your girl’s autumn routine.

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