TOP-5 clothing items every girl must have in her wardrobe

TOP-5 clothing items every girl must have in her wardrobe

September is here and it’s mean now is the best time to take care of what your little fashionista will wear. And because of that Suzie made a list of the five most essential things for a girl this autumn.


Firstly it’s a shirt. It can be worn both at school and on a walk with friends. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of styles, so a shirt can be selected for almost every trip. As for the colors, you must have a white shirt, you can also choose pink, blue, in a cage or peas.


What are the girls wearing the shirt first? Pants or jeans. All depends on the event they go on. Of course, it's better for a school to choose trousers. The thing for the 2018 season is a high waist and short and narrowed trousers. The last argument, of course, does not really fit into the autumn, but what you will not do for beauty. As for jeans, in the trend of this fall, just like summer, moms.


Similarly, the b will fit into the shirt. In a fashion mini with a high waist, but such an image of your daughter will not always please the teachers. Therefore, it is worth choosing the skirt that reaches the knees. The ideal variant is a pencil skirt, but it is more suitable for teenage girls.


Lightweight chiffon dresses with sleeves will look great in the warm autumn days. They will make the girl very romantic and tender. The trend is also for dress-shirts and casual dresses. For walks choose a dress from knitted crochet suits.


For several seasons, a black leather jacket is not out of fashion. As for the style, they come back from the 80s. They are a bit rough and under them, you can wear even a dress and look at all 100%. For girls younger, you can pick a suit more restrained. With regard to colors, then boldly choose gold, silver, burgundy or black.


And do not forget to supplement the bow with accessories: backpacks, watches, beads. Good to you in the autumn and remember that the most stylish and high-quality children's clothing can be found at Suzie.

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