Suzie — stylish and exclusive clothing brand for girls 3-12 years old

Suzie — stylish and exclusive clothing brand for girls 3-12 years old

Suzie brand creating fashionable and original clothing for little girls. It can satisfy needs of the even most demanding customer ever


Our present partners already earned more than 20 millions hryvnias, selling Suzie clothing. Follow their example and get even more while co-operating with us!

Our secret is simple: low price with high-quality clothing. We are making clothing with modern Japanese equipment, from safe and hypoallergic materials. The quality of production with conditions like these, allows us to compete with best manufacturers. While the price is 30% lower, compared to them.

We are constantly watching for all newest fashion trends, that’s why our clothing always looks fresh and actual.


Suzie means:

  • the leading manufacturer of children's clothing since 2004;
  • more than 20 awards on international expos;
  • only high-quality materials use warranty;
  • a young team that is not afraid to embody the most daring ideas;
  • the full circle of producing: from simple drawing till finished model.


Why it’s awesome for you to work with us?

  • Place your mark up to 150% on our production.
  • There is no limit in quantity order.
  • There are no holidays in our work schedule. Order when it's convenient for you.
  • A large, constantly updated range of different models.
  • We are giving free samples. So you can try our quality for yourself before buying anything from us.
  • Special conditions for our regular customers.


We are proud, we create a brand of exclusive and stylish clothing Suzie!

From founders:

“People can often saw us with our daughters in our corporate family image. Louisa and Susannah are taking active parts in developing new clothing collections, gladly posing on the fittings and doing model work on photo sessions. First of all, it’s a clothing, we are dressing up our children. It is made for the children to feel comfortable, look stylish and bright. The company team long time ago became for us a big family, and our partners are people, who are making cooperation with them easy and joyful.”


Our goal is to grow and grow with you!

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