The psychology of color in clothes for children

The psychology of color in clothes for children

It may have happened that your daughter used to be a calm girl who loved quiet games more than active ones. And now you can forget about a dream in the afternoon and about the silence. The child can’t be stopped, she became so restless and active.

Did you think that one of the reasons for such a sudden change in behavior may be skirt you recently bought for your daughter?

What is the connection? Let’s try to sort it out.


A bit of theory.

The whole spectrum is divided into “hot” and “cold” colors. “Hot” are the colors of movement, activity, vigor. Such a spectrum helps accelerate metabolism, forcing the body to increase its pulse and purity of breath. “Cold” ones are calmer. They lead to reflection and reduce physical activity.

Each color in its turn also has its unique meaning. Let’s get to know them more closely.


  • Red is a color, which is quite aggressive. It is a strong irritant to the nervous system. But at the same time, he adds confidence in himself, his brightness makes its possible to stand out among others. The color is very saturated, so it’s better to combine it with calmer tones.
  • Pink — the perfect color for girls clothes. Symbolizes everything female. Causes touching and tenderness both in the carrier and in the surrounding ones.
  • If the girl is too active, try to replace some red things in her wardrobe to blue. It is a symbol of calm, and equilibrium. Traditionally considered to be the main color for boys at level with blue. Although it not so important for girls, the place in the closet can always be found for it.
  • Blue — is another “male” color. Rather, serious and harsh This is a trait of a real man. For girls, you can combine it with pink. After all, it is also a symbol of dreaminess. So we will create an image of a lady-dreamer. True romance!
  • Black, white and gray is considered to be absolutely neutral colors. For kids, regardless of sex, these colors are too adult, so clothing for children are rarely manufactured in color like these. Too much black causes negative emotions. White is more positive color, but at the same time, it is quite a mark. And it’s much easier for children to get dirty. Many gray neutralize all emotions, in their independence they are positive or negative.
  • Green is a great color for creative children. In addition to the development of fantasy, it helps to add strength and energy.
  • Orange will help defeat a bad mood. Probably the most optimistic color that will help over-locked kids to become more open and free up their positive emotions.


When choosing clothes, keep track of what your girlfriend likes. What color of clothing attracts the most attention from her. This will help t0 determine the features of the character and greatly facilitate the process of education.


As for Suzie, in our clothes, girls will never feel sad. After all, a good mood, optimism and energy crowds out any negative!

Cheerful child — happy parents!

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