The best party dress: top-10 featured season trends

The best party dress: top-10 featured season trends

Very soon comes the time of bright winter holidays, which change each other in a kaleidoscope of lights and fireworks. It is a time for a fun party, presents and great outfits. But how to choose exactly that dress? We have prepared for you top 10 actual featured trends in which every girl can find tips that will suit her.

 1. Paettes is the most fashionable outfit for any holiday. If in children's every day looks more often there are brilliant accessories or small details, then in the festive, it is better not to be modest. Today models of laconic cut with the most effective fabrics are very relevant. It is worth paying attention to the most technological materials, in which paettes have interesting coverage (holographic, velor). And the smallest lady will have a great look with a brassiere of paettes on a cotton lining and an easy skirt of the grid.

2. An entirely different but equally popular style is the dresses of a complex cut of fabrics with lurex and glittering. The glitter in a wave of increased interest in the style of the 80's does not go away from the podiums and pages of fashion gloss for several seasons. This type of material is best shown in models with bulky draperies and flounces that emphasize the game of light. Choose glossy dresses from minimalistic and matte accessories, light makeup and simple hairstyles.

3. Another micro trend from the general trend of retrofuturism is a fringe. This element of the decoration is present in clothes of the '20s and '70s, ethnic of different peoples, boho, country, and modern designers interpreting it in new materials. Earlier, to create fringes people used beads, cords, natural leather. Now it’s cutting with a laser from any artificial materials. Festive dresses are decorated on the bottom and on the sleeves, and also you can find models of fabrics decorated completely. The beauty of these products can be fully appreciated in dynamics, so be sure to choose them for dance parties.

4. Velour appeared in the festive clothing of the Middle Ages and never went out of fashion, then losing ground, then rising again to the peak of popularity. Now there is another turn of the relevance of this rich material. From it, all sew everything (from outerwear to shoes), but velvet dresses for a special case are just eternal classics. This season they are decorated with embroidery, fringe and paette. Preferring velour clothing, you can be sure that your princess will look spectacular and stylish.

5. The dégradé effect is one of the most fashionable principles for combining materials. Smooth transitions from light to saturated colors look very beautiful in light fabrics such as silk, chiffon and tulle. If your little girl dreaming about the dress of a princess, then dress with a game of shades will emphasize her elegance and tenderness.

6. Transparency and multilayer are trends that do not lose its position for many seasons due to the impressive variety of interpretations. This technique looks great in most styles from futurism to romance, so it is easy to choose an image to your heart in the tendency. For the holiday, the best decision will be a set of two out of a transparent top dress and a case underneath her. This choice differs not only in beauty but also in functionality: both products can be worn separately, combining with other things. An important rule is that if the outer garment of the net is decorated with embroidery, paettes and different curtains, then the bottom should be as simple as possible. And vice versa, a spectacular bottom - unobtrusive top. It is therefore easy to achieve visual harmony. 

7. Sophisticated lace is a traditional decoration of festive clothing for girls. This year's collections congratulate the contrast and Victorian style, so black openwork decorates dresses even the brightest shades.

8. "Pink Flamingos" is a so-called tendency, which means tenderness and fragility of the image, shades of powder and pastels, light fabrics and treatment with light fringe or feathers. Elements of this direction add to the dress of lightness, naive charm and cuteness. Dresses in this style are great for a little lady.

9. Asymmetry is a stylistic compositional technique that is increasingly appearing on the podium. The most daring ones can afford the most vivid manifestations of this trend by choosing dresses that seem to be sewn from two different products (not necessarily even in a single style and materials). Softer variants of the trend - small decorative elements or processing. Asymmetry adds dynamics and originality, so even laconic models with similar details look spectacular.

10. Rubies, flames, frills, basques adorn the most fashionable dresses of recent seasons. The incredible variety of bulky elements in the spirit of romanticism of the ‘80s or Victorian style is found in most collections of well-known fashion houses. This décor looks bright and stylish, and the options are so numerous that a girl of any age can find her a perfect outfit.

Remember that beauty should be combined with functionality, so pay attention to all the details of the suit. The finest assortment of fabrics mainly consists of artificial fibers, but quality products have a subtle and pleasant body lining. A fashionable, beautiful and comfortable dress will give your princess an unforgettable holiday and a sense of a real miracle.

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