Suzie brand clothing — adult fashions in children collections

Suzie brand clothing — adult fashions in children collections

More than a decade Suzie brand making happy young fashionistas by making stylish and dresses, pants, t-shirts and many more. Everyday professional company team makes them from quality fabric with maximum comfort. Among them — talented designer Valentina Yuzuk. It is she, who told us about specifics when working on children collections.


- Valentina, what that special about, when you create kids clothing?

- Kids are little people. They do not understand, that “nice looking” is more important than “comfortable”. If we, girls, can deal with the uncomfortable, but nice dress or shoes, a child is looking for ergonomics. It needed to be in compliance with body parameters, comfortable enough in dynamics and static, have comfort material. And only after these coming aesthetic part of this clothing. In my opinion, exactly ergonomics is what makes difference adult from child wear.


- Why does it so hard to satisfy kids with fashion?

- Children until a certain age, are more interested in comfort than in how they look. In case, where an adult person can say: “I don’t feel much comfortable in it, but I’ll take it anyway”, a kid will throw his tantrum: “I will not wear that! It’s uncomfortable!” etc. Children want to be in a group, to be part of the society. They are wearing some subculture accessory, for example. Clothing with printings of their favorite cartoon or tv-show heroes, etc. But at the same time, they want to be original. Sometimes, even at very early age, a child showing her individuality through her style. That’s why it is important to find for kids clothing makers a balance between original and familiarity with the environment. And also it must be comfortable.


- What’s the Suzie clothing philosophy? What makes you special among other brands?

- Many brands in Ukraine make quality clothing. Suzie also among them. But you immediately notice when you browse catalogs that it is stylistics that bring children closer to the adult world. My first place association, for example, is a beautiful clothing you can take from your elder sister’s wardrobe. The basis of the wardrobe is not some cute t-shirts with kitties, although we got these models too for youngest girls. The main thing, what makes our brand special — maturity.


- Where did you get images for future collections?

- While creating new collections, we definitely analyze typical fashion tendencies which are related to the lifestyle in common. We look for micro tendencies — sites with trending analytics and photos of new collections. Based on couture collections, we can conclude, how will look fashion next season or for an even bigger period. Nowadays it pretty democratic, everything could be mixed. Step by step 60s-70s, 80s-90s are coming back. Even 2000s giving some interest to the designers as a fashion era and with a search of stylistic and inspiration. The modern fashion is more appealing to feelings, sensual associations, combining elements from past years with modern stylistic technologies of retro-futurism.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with your kid’s clothing and helping them to show their individuality. Because, everything that looks weird today, could be trendy tomorrow.


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