Summer attribute. How to choose a hat

Summer attribute. How to choose a hat

Ancient aristocrats were amazed by the snow-white skin. 10 years ago, girls wanted to have tanned skin. Today, the tan again loses fashionable positions.

And we want to say the following: beauty is beauty, and health is our treasure. Apart from burns, it would seem that the gentle sun can also cause early wrinkles, pigmentation or freckles. If you want to have beautiful skin in the future, protect her today. We will talk about cosmetics in the future. Today we will talk about hats.

It’s so wonderful that natural materials are in the trend today. Such are like straw.

  • Firstly, it delivers excellent air. So this means that if the girl's head does not gently climb a breeze, then she will, at least, "breathe";
  • Second, it’s hypoallergenic;
  • Thirdly, such material is unpretentious in care.

If the first three factors were not enough, then welcome to meet the fourth, decisive: the straw hats are extremely fashionable. They are able to decorate any image and add lightness and authenticity to it. And also will emphasize your love for everything natural.

Pay attention to the canotier. If nothing else has been heard about it, it's a low straw hat with small straight fields and a cylindrical shape. And a special kind to him adds, apparently, satin or suede colored ribbon. Although sometimes human fantasy was so cursed that it was replaced not only with live or artificial flowers, but even with the stuffing of birds.

This name has become popular due to the canoe boat, which in the old days was very popular. Venice gondoliers, for example, can be recognized by this traditional headgear still to this day. And unchanged in it, as a rule, a ribbon of red color.

Canotier was so fond of the inhabitants of Europe, that at that time exemplary British colleges even included it in the uniform. Imagine if today the girls had to buy a straw hat together with the school uniform before the school year!

However, we also want to remind you that the opportunity to dress this product for women was due to Coco Chanel. (Chanel was an incredible woman. Sportswear, little black dress and original hat - this is what makes us, girls, happy).

Of course, we started talking about this headwear for a reason. Its minimalist look will fit almost everything. Light summer dresses, ordinary blouse for girls combined with classic jeans, dress made of natural fabrics or even elegant clothes: seems like you have a huge choice.

However, you can stay on any other version of the cute straw. Today, at the peak of fashion there are also hats with torn edges. Of course, many fashionistas have already noticed him in the photo of popular bloggers. In it not only the road to the sunny beach, you can freely diverge and on the streets of the modern city.

The famous fedora is the choice of those who are delighted with the adventure stories of Indiana Jones or simply adores the style of Egyptian tourists. Ah, here would still loose white shirt, palm trees and hot African wind, blown up hair in different directions and a romantic picture will be ready.

We talked about beautiful things, and now it's time to discuss the practical ones. Here girls, as with the choice of festive dress, should know about body structure.

So, what hat will fit for you? It is simple:

1. Low growth need a small bonnet. After all, wide fields, covering the face and shoulders, will only make you visually smaller;
2. This same principle applies to tall people. The bigger the growth, the bigger it should be the hat;
3. Rounded cheeks - wide crises and "rich" decoration (flowers, twigs, ribbons or bows);
4. Narrow face - miniature headgear.

Rice, rye, Panama palm tree, textile banana: as you can see, straw is made not only of one wheat. And all this will have different shades. Fashionistas, you probably already know how to choose clothes to the color of the skin? And now a short excursion on how to look contrast in the hat, given the color of the hair.

Blondes, choose brown products! It is better to stay dark-haired on golden shades. But the red will be graceful beige.

Now you know how to make your summer comfortable and colorful. Have fun in the sun, keep your face and make unique photos.

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