Styles and recommendations

Styles and recommendations

Picked in a right way kid’s outfit form confidence, taste and sense of style. That’s why girls clothes choice is a mother’s responsible task. And it better to solve with your young lady.

Styles and recommendations

Modern Ukrainian children clothes makers watching for the tendencies in a world of kids fashion all the time and offering many stylish images. Most actual collections are made in such styles:

  • everyday Casual;
  • classic and womanly New Look;
  • elegant Universal Chic;
  • warm knitted style.

No matter what will you choose, most important things are: comfort and accordance with the current situation.

Basic wardrobe

You need knitwear for everyday wear. Its body pleasant, do not electrify and ultimately good with any style. You must have at least 10 t-shirts, 10 raglans, 10 pants and 3 pajamas in your basic wardrobe. Smart mothers like to buy children’s knitwear wholesale because these numbers can be not enough for bright mood! Especially, because buying children’s clothes small wholesale is a great deal for modern parents.

Dresses — this is a universal image for a holiday, school or for visits. Nowadays are equally popular romantic, classic and sporty models. The colors on them are not very bright, but not very strict at the same time. It could be the deep blue color with white insertions, dark pink with pearly patches, white with elegant black lace, red with black.

There is no way you could deal with the cold weather if you don’t have outerwear. Resist water and do not let you freeze — those are things, what makes cloth material good. You need at least two outwears for winter time. The coat will be looking good with kepi or with coquettish hats. Under the coat, you should better have multilayeredness. You could make a duo from raglan and blouse (or jacket), shirt and vest.

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