Shoe trends of the autumn-winter season 2018-2019

Shoe trends of the autumn-winter season 2018-2019

The time can not be stopped no matter how much we want that. Therefore, fashionistas need to forget about the summer wardrobe and hide it in the closet, until the next season. The time has come for the autumn and winter images. And with them for the appropriate shoes too.


The season 2018-2019 brings with it a trend of feathers, sequins, and precious stones: all combined in a wide variety of shoe styles: from conservative to the original. The main two colors of this season are announced pink and red. And heel also! Brands decided to rethink this item and give it the status of "must have".


1. Angled and cylindrical heels

Our favorite block heels have transformed this seasons into a new shape. To update their appearance, it was necessary to make, at first glance, very minor changes. But, as you know,  a genius is in simplicity. Trendy heels are inclined at an angle. Another transformation is the transformation of the classical "rectangular" shape into a cylindrical one. The shape of the heel becomes round, with a wide radius. Its length is traditionally relatively significant.


2. Thigh-high boots

Shoes that became synonymous with the cold season. It seems that the trend on the thigh-high boots will be eternal and they will never go out of fashion. In 2018-2019, choose a model made from shiny leather or a varnished leatherette. The color specter can range from light blue to saturated burgundy. Obviously, the designers wanted to move away from the classic boot colors - black and chestnut.


3. Cowboy boots

This type of boots quickly won love and admiration for all top fashion shows. The guests combining cowboy boots with jeans, dresses and vinyl trenches. The low and beveled heel is extremely comfortable. Therefore, such boots will not tire legs. A great option for those who walk a lot during the day.


4. Сhelsea shoes

Wonderful and simple shoes - the lack of laces and a low platform make these boots as comfortable as possible. Сhelsea shoes became fashionable in the middle of the XX century, and this season they are on top of popularity. If you do not have at least one pair of them at home, we recommend that you fix this error quickly. Of course, if you want to be fashionable.


5. Dr. Martens

From the 60's to the present, the classic model "1460" remains an actual and desirable thing in the wardrobe of many fashionistas. This season was not an exception. Comfortable shoes, in which the foot feels more comfortable than ever: this is the main feature of shoes from Dr. Martens It is also pleased that they are perfectly combined with many styles. The company will make jeans, skirts, leggings, warm pantyhose. For outerwear, free jackets and sweaters, thin and light shirts, bombers and even cardigans will fit perfectly.

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