Schoolwear: pros and cons

Schoolwear: pros and cons

There are controversies around the school uniform throughout the world, no clear idea has yet been made. Someone sees wearing school uniforms rationality and practicality, someone — the inability of the child express the inner “I” with the help of clothes. Mostly this issue is solved by the school administration, occasionally giving the opportunity to speak to parents. However, if you have to send your princess to school — read in detail the rules of the pupil dress code of the school.


Suzie tried to figure out what the pros and cons of compulsory school wear.


Let’s start with the advantages, and then it is possible to note that the same clothes for students allow not to divide them into classes on the material situation of parents. After all, in modern society, the problem of persecuting through the financial situation of relatives is very common and can cause many children in complexes.


The school uniform allows students not to be distracted by the thoughts about new jeans or a blouse but will direct their thoughts exclusively to the learning process. In addition, for girls, the eternal problem of “dress ups” will disappear.


One more plus of this dress is discipline. Some students are trained to dress officially and understand what clothing is suitable for different events.


There are also plenty of cons. For example, there is not enough quality school uniform, and at least two sets of different styles are needed for the school year. And here again, the financial question arises.


A purely practical aspect — the school uniform is difficult to care for. Because of natural fabrics, clothes quickly blow away and hard to iron. Therefore, parents mostly give it to the dry cleaner.


Most often opponents of school uniform are confused by the fact that children can not show individuality and such clothes — this is the echo of the past, where everyone was dressed and forced to think the same way. However, the new collection of school uniforms from Suzie’s “Personality Age” completely refutes the claim of “limitation of personality”. Various styles of skirts, blouses, sundresses, trousers and jackets will highlight the best features of your schoolgirl.


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