Preparing for the first photo shoot: what to wear and how to behave

Preparing for the first photo shoot: what to wear and how to behave

The first girl’s photo shoot is a great responsibility. Regardless of whether this is a commercial project or just a photo for a home archive, the event must be thoroughly prepared. In accordance with the image, you need to pick up clothes for your girl, make a hair and overcome the excitement, so that the frames were as natural as possible. Of course, mothers will help daughters not get lost and prepare for a photo shoot. And in order to ease their work, Suzie has some suggestions on which dress to choose for photo sessions.


  1. When choosing clothes, remember the location and theme for.
  2. Professional photographers advise the models to wear monochrome clothing of muted colors. The bright ones will be "screaming" in the photo. For girls, dresses of pink, white or lilac colors, pastel colors will fit perfectly. There are a lot of such models in Suzie collections.
  3. The bottom and top of the garment should be in one tone.
  4. The upper part of the dress is better to choose with sleeves because naked hands will attract unnecessary attention.
  5. If a photo shoot in the summer, look for clothes made of light fabrics. It will wave in the wind and make the photo romantic.
  6. Beware that the clothes do not have large logos or patterns.
  7. Add accessories. Small and elegant earrings, bracelets, brooches, lightweight kerchiefs or roses in the hair complement the image.

As for the behavior in the frame, you should ensure that the girl always holds her back evenly and does not cover her hands or face accessories. The best pictures come when the child really likes at what is happening. That is why mothers have to try to create the right atmosphere to help them uncover their daughters.

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