Power of nature: a snake print in children's fashion

Power of nature: a snake print in children's fashion

Our regular readers will certainly remember the article we published in a blog this autumn. Recall that there we briefly and in general terms talked about animal prints in children's clothes.
Perhaps the most original of this line is to call a “snake” print. Now he is at the peak of popularity. So, maybe you should buy baby clothes in a similar style for your daughter?
It is worth noting that this pattern never went out of fashion. It just became less noticeable for a while, then again to be on top of the trends. This happened in 2018 on the catwalks, and in 2019 the trend will only develop.

In addition, children's fashion is now not inferior to its adult counterpart. The concept of “children are small adults” reigns. This means that when creating collections of clothes for teenage girls, you should pay attention to what is happening in the world of women's fashion. And there it is that the animalistic print now is on the top.

For some reason, most manufacturers stop only on the spectacular color of the leopard, occasionally diluting it with a “tiger”, “zebra”, “cow” and similar designs. The “snake” print is left without proper attention, and this is also a beautiful and unusual pattern that adds originality to any image.

Of course, Suzie designers could not get past such a hit, so they created a truly impressive line of spring clothes with it in the lead roles. It harmoniously combines high-quality materials, a comfortable cut and a spectacular feature: a “snake”.

At first glance, it may seem that this is not a very good print for children's clothes. It is too defiant and absolutely not suitable for girls at such a tender age. In part, this statement is true, but only if we talk about natural shades. It is quite another thing when the print is painted in saturated and light colors, for example, a peach or a powdery color.

Thus, “snakeskin” acquires a fabulous association with mythical creatures. The new color scheme is more versatile, so it goes well with a variety of things.
For example, a “python” sweatshirt will successfully complement a classic or casual wardrobe, especially plain skirts, leggings, and unisex trousers. This is the main advantage of the new line: it is perfectly combined with more traditional and, perhaps, sometimes rather boring clothes, allowing you to easily create spectacular images for every day.

All these facts allow us to see how easy it will be for women of fashion to stand out among their contemporaries thanks to fashionable styles. Instead of buying usual children's clothes, we recommend staying still in a few "snake" things. We guarantee that in this case, the girl will constantly catch rapt eyes in her direction.

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