Olga Grinyova: “Love to what you do is a key to a successful business”

Olga Grinyova: “Love to what you do is a key to a successful business”

Everything has its small beginnings. All the most successful companies were born from small ideas, which, sometimes with fear, were embodied. It has so happened in the life of Olga Grinyova, the mentor, and Suzie’s muse. While still a kid she liked to dress nice. This love for clothing, together with her husband Oleg, turned into a successful production of children’s clothing.


“As the kids, we witnessed the Soviet period when buying clothes was a problem, — recalls Olga Grinyova. — I really loved to dress fashionably, so all the beautiful and festive dresses that were with me, sewed to order. There was a time when we had imported products, but those things in most cases were not for my growth: whether sleeves are short, or pants.”


Ms. Olga says that when she decided to start her business with her beloved she was 18-19 years old. Oleg’s parents successfully sold children’s clothes, so it seemed logical for them to walk in their footsteps and begin to create their own clothes for their own children.


“Since we had a start-up point for parents with children’s clothes, we decided to move in these directions. But parents had doubts about a successful future of our idea. We insisted and having a little savings of our own, bought several rolls of fabric, made a sketch and sewn the first skirts. Since then, we have started to go deep into the fashion industry,” Olga adds.


Over the years, the small idea of “creating something” turned into a large production of Suzie, which united hundreds of supporters around them. Being a leader, Olga Grinyova is responsible for all stages of creating in it all the skills and soul. She says Suzie is a first child that can’t be thrown.


“To be a good leader, one must possess the following features of character: perseverance, decency, a sense of newness and the ability to go for a reasonable risk. But sometimes it’s not enough. In my idea, one must not just believe, as I do it, it needs to admire itself and captivate others. If you sincerely do not like your business, then what you do will simply not be true. Let emotions become a compass in life because this is a direct way to succeed,” — says Olga Grinyova.


If we talk about a very concept of success, then Olga believes that he is clearly present in her life. This is evidenced by the popularity of the Suzie brand and the profit she receives from what she’s doing. After all, Suzie became a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality children’s clothing and looks decent, not only within the state but also outside it.


“Products that are imported from abroad in large batches are common. There is no quality sewing, originality. We, Suzie, and Ukrainian manufacturers, in general, are trying to create small parties with a designer approach. Our models are exclusive. If in Europe the style is too democratic, Ukrainian mothers themselves love to dress beautifully and they want to take their children with taste,” — says the head.


Olga admits that she herself, as the mother of two beautiful daughters, care about having them dressed in taste from an early age. Her children, by the way, are the first to wear Suzie Ukrainian clothing from the latest collections.


“It is scientifically proven that when you want to raise your child correctly, you must first educate yourself. If the parents will dress beautifully and show an example to children, accordingly, this sense of style will bring early. Here you have to start with yourself”. — she advises.


Olga Grinyova wants to make our society more open, and people dress brighter, try to be stylish, buy quality clothes from local and very talented designers. Says we just have to love what’s made in Ukraine.

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