Image from Suzie: summer trends of 2018

Image from Suzie: summer trends of 2018

Child fashion — a separate trend in the fashion industry that does not look like anything else. And this what makes designers create their most fascinating ideas. But how to choose an outfit which will combine a unique image of your young lady and will be in this year’s summer trends?

We have implemented topical trends that will easily fit into your girlfriend's wardrobe and make it even more charming. So, what clothing will be on trend this summer?

To answer this question, Suzie team created brightest and most awesome images in which you will see your fashion kid. Girl clothing has its own color specter, which we used, added some new color shades. In this year besides default pink, white, heavenly blue colors, season trend will be decor elements. Necklaces and paettes complement laconic but bright images of girls. Children clothing stepping out from difficult patterns, concentrating on more laconic models, which are do not interfere with movements, repeating stylish models of adult fashion. It also gives chance to combine different styles of items.

In our new collection, we created comfort, beauty, style, and originality. It let us create remarkable images for every day for our girls. We do not forget about special occasions and took care of exquisite dresses. It is impossible not to fall in love with them. Dresses are taking your hearts by its tenderness, exquisites, and uniques.

Our designers underlined evening dresses by short fitting elements, making girl’s image more tenderness. And of course paettes! They are simply taking our children’s hearts.

Suzie is not just a clothing. It is a modern image which will let you feel yourself confident, stylish and follow newest fashion trends. Our summer images already beloved by many fashion girls.

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