Natural fabric — main requirement for kids summer clothing

Natural fabric — main requirement for kids summer clothing

Everybody knows, kids clothing must be natural, especially if its designed for summer. In this period of the year, children moving a lot, that’s why it is important not only the quality of the clothing but its comfort and practicality.  About which fabric is best suited for children's summer clothes, tells the ™ “Suzie” technical director Eugenia Reshetnik.

- For producing summer clothing TM “Suzie” choosing fabric made from natural fibers with increased wear resistance. Basically, we choose cotton, linen, flax, maybe silk, but in that case, the product must necessarily have a natural lining. The child in summer clothing must feel himself comfortable and the fabric should not soak and absorb moisture. We had companies, which we working with constantly, but we do not decline to work with some new and stylish manufactures.


- How can parents check the quality of the fabric and choose the right one on their own?

- You can check toughness by stretching the fabric. The linen is always cold to the touch with knots. The clothes that fit figure, must be stretchy, so the kid can freely jump and do sit-ups. Such fabric you can test by doing it a really good stretch and if it quality enough, it will return to its previous position. In that case, you will know, that knees parts will not stretch out and cloth will not be deformed. Usually, natural fabrics pretty crumple. It’s the first thing you can notice and this is what parents don’t like. Although such crumble thing is very popular in other Europe countries. It means clothing is natural. In Ukraine, if you show up in crumble cloth, others may do not understand your style.


- Are there any requirements for taking care of natural fabric?

Yes. The dress, for example, can consist of several fabrics and the way you should take care for it must be checked on its label. It’s washing and drying. Knitwear cannot dry in vertical position. It will stretch and stretch out. Linen cloth you can wash in washing machine and dry in vertical position. Most of the clothing manufacturers, if they respect himself and their customers, always write about these things on labels. TM “Suzie” is always doing that for its clothing.


- What fabrics can’t be used for producing kids clothing?

- This fabric is 100% polyester if it is a product worn next to the skin. But for a jacket with a cloth, you can make the top part from polyester. That way it will not soak. But the jacket lining comes out of cotton. Golf, T-shirt, blouse do not recommend putting on the blank body if they are made from polyester. Most of the time, if you take low-quality fabric, they smell bad or unnatural or the paint dangle on hands. It means, there were toxic materials in use for this item.


- What else should you know when choosing clothes for your kid?

- Design, the way how it fits on your kid’s body are very important.
In the summer, it's better for children to take free knitters, blouses, shorts, something that does not interfere with movements. Do not forget about pants and shirts functionality. Will it be able to put on in 2 months, after your child will grow up a little? Cuffs, sleeves, and harnesses are desirable to roll up and down at the bottom. On the belt area — a rubber band or a bow that is regulated.

The “Suzie”™ takes all the above nuances into consideration and cares with consumers. The team is doing its best to make the clothes decorate a happy childhood, and not to be hindered by it.

Author: Natalia Humeniuk

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