Must have: TOP-10 most actual tendencies of an Autumn-Winter season 2018-2019

Must have: TOP-10 most actual tendencies of an Autumn-Winter season 2018-2019

Wonderful time for light shorts and weightless dresses gone. Even while “velvet” season is still enthralling to put into the case your hat, sandals, and swimsuit for the traveling to the sea, it’s time to look for warm novelties of Autumn-Winter season 2018-2019. We are giving you a TOP-10 of fashion tendencies, about how to better adapt adult podium trends to the everyday girl’s wardrobe and even to combine “all fashion together”.


1. Oversize is a global trend, that’s many seasons in a row make its positions only stronger. Along with the spread of the philosophy of naturalness, comfort and a new femininity in clothing, the value of baggy styles that were read before, like the desire to hide from the outside world. Oversize clothing today is a first of all freedom and comfort. A chance to stay a delicate creature even in a huge sweater or in a t-shirt dress.

This year long hoodie with a cap are among the best.  You can wear it like a dress with colorful tights, sneakers or ankle boots. Or like a sweater with leggins, jeans, and boots with a high base.



2. Another style, that dont loose its popularity is après sport or sportwear in everyday’s wardrobe. The tendency is a consequence of the course for the comfort and active style of life.  Eclectic and democratic modern fashion let you combine elements of sportwear with almost everything: ski jacket with zipper and classic coat, hoodie with a cape and beige trench coat, training pants and ankle boots, bomber jacket and mini-skirt or light romantic dress.



3. Recently, a new trend and a reflection of modern culture became retrofuturism. An unusual style in which the common silhouettes and cuts of the past decades are repeated in modern and technological materials.

But now attention focus in similar aesthetic moving to the futuristic side. Collections and fashion photoshoots of last seasons more often filled with nostalgie for romantic times about first flights and popularity of science fiction sci-fi. Photographs and stylists favorite themes are futurism and space.

This bright tendency is very diverse and incredibly rich in a cultural context. That’s why it is easy to select exactly what for young fashionista fit best. Minimalistic trapeze dresses in the style of  André Courrèges, sweaters and outerwear of complex cuts are in trend.

But if you bet on the material, you will be right. Shine is the main style feature. It can look like a scattering of stars (lurex, sequins), melted metal or crumpled foil. But the greatest effect will have color options: cold blue, indigo and soft powder.

In this season it is recomended to combine futuristic with soft and comfy fabrics. For example, with cashmere, artificial fur and velor.



4. Vinyl (lacquer, latex) is outstanding season’s hit. Fabrics with a vinyl cover having lacquer shine and transform most simple clothing models making it most fashion one and stylish.

Autumn’s most fashion clothing became long black trench coat, but for teenager’s wardrobe, best decision will be to have simple leggins or a skirt with latex spraying of a restrained dark or pastel tones. This material is awesome for sport and futuristic themes in clothing. So be sure to combine it with a hoodie and oversized sweatshirts, sweaters of large mating and coarse denim.



5. Ecological and ethical materials is a rapidly developing macro-trend, which transforms in Autumn-Winter season into designer’s love of artificial fur. Soft plush, imitation of different types of skins from short curls of lamb to long nap llama is used both in decoration and details and as the main material. Especially spectacularly look short and voluminous colored fur coats, as well as an original combination with a warm jersey in blouses and dresses.



6. Another one trendy material with interesting pile texture is knitwear called "grass".  Based on high interest to 80’s and 90’s stylistics, this fabric has become in demand and is found in laconic dresses models, sweaters and kardigans. “Grass” looking self-sufficient and bright, that’s why it is better to combine things from it with denim and matt eco-leather. And most brave fashionistas can add to their image velvet or latex (vinyl).

You need to remember, that fluffy oversized sweaters and kardigans looking great with contrasted by the volume of garments. For example, with leggings, skinny jeans, and straight mini-skirts. Wide trousers or open skirts can heavier silhouette.



7. The elegant velvet can rightly be called material out of time. It never leaves the list of topical trends of the evening fashion and has recently become a wonderful base for everyday images. Stylists recommend to walk away from the classical perception of this rich material and to mix clothing like these with more sport-oriented.

Upper clothing maded from quilted velor is never loosing its actuality. But do not forget about bright accents, that’s why choose models from contrasting materials on the texture.

The more interesting and more common microtrend in this tendency is velor knitwear, in which each thread has a soft pile. Dresses and sweaters from it look no less impressive, but they create a more relaxed impression and will suit even the owners of the conservative wardrobe. You also need to give your attention to the accesories. For example, velvet shoes will be made highly fashioned even simple image with jeans and a sweatshirt.



8. Classical options with a checkered print on the pick of popularity again. In this season they decorate everything: from upper clothing to accessories and shoes. The must have of the autumn is a universal straight checkered coat. It can be easily worn not only in classical style but in other directions. For example, country and casual. And the most stylish choosing will be straight mini-skirt from the same fabric.



9. The most obvious tendency of the season is kyulots. They are shortened and expanded to the bottom pants. Adult fashionistas wearing them with pleasure a long time. This autumn children clothing brands developed fashion pants and overalls for little ladies this time.

Kyulots is a very comfortable thing in the wardrobe. They are comfortable in wearing and easy to combine with free sweatshirts and shirts, and with a turtle neck. To ensure that the length of the product does not diminish visually the height of the child, it is better to choose sneakers or boots on a thick sole, for a more sophisticated image fit boots on a low wide circle.



10. The last thing in TOP-10 of actual tendencies is a long-playing trend, which is becoming classics already. It’s the text. If earlier in the favor there were ironic inscriptions on clothes then this season, stylists advise paying attention to more profound statements and all that is relevant to art.

 The logomania is coming back to the fashion from 2000’s, but in new meaning: names, inicials and brand logos become part of the pattern or are encrypted, for example, by replacing the font. Contrast colors are more effective and the most fashion example is embroidery with a text instead of a print, it looks more textured and more long lasting.

Outside any seasonal top-tendency, which answers the main question of "how to combine fashion things?" is eclecticism. This is an arbitrary combination of different elements and stylistic techniques in which you can restrict only your own sense of taste, fantasy and visual experience.

Almost all trends have points of contact, for example, clutches can be sewn from velvet or costume wool to a cage, and they can be worn with an oversize metal down jacket or fur coat of artificial fur. It should be remembered that if podium images are often "overstylized" (literally too stylized, when the variety of components is greatly exaggerated for greater wow effect), then in everyday life one should bet on one trend thing, and the remaining hits should sound less bright.

The undeniable advantage of the modern fashion is the lack of rigid rules and the incredible variety of trends, so it's easy to choose the very fashion thing that best emphasizes personality and will fit the rest of the wardrobe.


Author: Valentina Yuzyuk:  Suzie’s children clothing brand designer

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