Mother’s little helper

Mother’s little helper

Your girl comes from school, she prepares food and washes dishes by herself. Then went in a hurry into her room - it's time to do lessons. When they are finished and parents return from work, she helps the mother in the kitchen with dinner.


This is a picture of an ideal family. In real life, everything happens, of course, in a different way. Often, our children do not want to do what they do not like. And to make a child picked up his toys, it costs a lot of time. Of course, while the daughter is still small, her parents will do everything for her. But time runs out - and sooner or later from a child, she turns into an adult girl. Therefore, it is necessary to teach how to deal with home chores from an early age.


At the age of 7-9 years old, the child is already big enough to know and be able to do a simple job. Here are some examples:


cleaning: sweep, vacuuming, wash the floor;

water the flowers;

wash the dishes;

put up your bed;

collect portfolios at school.


The question is: how to properly teach to do such chores a child? So that the girl will do homework voluntarily - without conflicts and disputes.

We offer 5 simple tips to help you cope with these challenges.


1. Talk to your daughter about how much you have to do at home. Take a small demonstration of your home routine for clarity. Explain that cleaning, cooking, and other things are not fulfilled by themselves. Daughter is already big and it's time to help the mother in this. Children love to feel like adults.

Of course, be prepared to accept that such a proposal will be initially negative. It's normal and you need to get accustomed gradually.


2. Make a chart. Point is not only to your children but also to yourself. Let everything be right here. So the girl will see that not only she has responsibilities. It is very important to show that you do not give up on it unpleasant work.

Push the graphic into a place where everyone will see it.



3. Try to turn the routine into entertainment. Children love to play. They quickly get bored of an uninteresting affair. Therefore, it is best to turn such unpopular work as cleaning into something interesting. For example, turn on music and sweep, dance. Or compete with the intruders who dash the window or the table faster. Let the girl be taken by this. So time spills faster, and besides, the next time, perhaps she will show herself an initiative in home affairs.


4. Be sure to praise. You do not need to boil if something goes wrong with your child. And always express gratitude for the well-done work. Warm words said in a timely manner, will never interfere. On the contrary, they will only help to motivate the girl and in the future, she will be happy to work.

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