Modern kids education: tips and tricks

Modern kids education: tips and tricks

Children are our treasure, which we need to care for and cherish, and the main thing to bring up. Parents are well aware that these tasks are not the easiest, rather the opposite, because they require tremendous efforts on both sides. So Suzie has prepared five main tips that you must take into account when educating your child.


Do not punish

Children are rarely obedient, therefore, parents need to be stocked with patience and understanding that they are discovering a world for themselves. Any situations can be explained, or shown on an example, what can and can’t be done. Scream or punishment will not bring the result, but on the contrary, it will be the reason for the aggression of the child, which will subsequently be manifested not only by the parents but also the other people.


Do not humiliate

When you only know this world, not always everything comes out well for the first time. Parents should be aware of this, and even if the child received a lower grade than you expected, there is no need to make a problem, compare it with other and humiliate it. It is better to allocate time, to sit down with your child at the table and to work on mastering the material again. Remember: criticism is better perceived if it is preceded by words of praise.


Answer the questions

Parents are familiar with the “why?” period when you had to answer dozens of questions per minute. You not always want to respond to them, but you need to do it. This kind of dialogue develops an interest in the outside world, which they are just beginning to understand and master. It’s up to us, adults, it’s clear why the traffic light has three colors and why it’s impossible to cross the road to the red.


To teach of being independent

Too much carrying is also bad. As soon as the child goes to the kindergarten, his first independent steps begin, because there he is without his mother and his father. Year after year, this autonomy should be more and more. Otherwise, the omitted moments in childhood will have to be solved by parents and in adult life.


Be an example for imitation

They say that children are a reflection of the parents. And if you want them to be brought up and behave well, start with yourself. Do decent deeds, tell the truth, achieve success — and then your daughters and sons will know who they need to be in life.


Despise all psychological methods of learning and elder’s advice, parents independently choose the way of education. Because it is up to them to decide what people will grow their little descendants.

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