Millennial pink is the color of the new generation

Millennial pink is the color of the new generation

Color is one of the main qualities of visual information about the surrounding world. It subtly reflects the mood of the time and often becomes the first place among associations when we recall the style of past eras. For example, about the pastel period of Rococo or purple of ancient Rome. The beginning of the new millennium is colored in millennial pink, a diverse and ambiguous "pink millennium" — a complex greyish shade with a soft peach sub shade.

Traditionally, the Pantone Color Institute publishes the trendy shades of the season and also announces the main color if the year. Some of them remain only on the catwalks and pages of fashion bloggers (for example, the bright green greenery of last year remained completely unintelligible, and the impudent violet of 2018 is used primarily in accessories), others quickly and permanently gain popularity as a luxurious “Marsala”. However, there are colors that can tell a much more interesting and deep story,  and pink suddenly became one of them. At different times this color was considered refined, and fresh, then “boyish” in the form of diluted aggressive red (The symbol of martial Mars), then exclusively feminine and mannered, the last reading of pink is infantilism and frivolity. The 2000s were remembered for its kitsch version of Barbie pink, but the year 2016 was a turning year when a tender “pink quartz” and blue “serenity” divided the pedestal. “Quartz” very soon pushed the companion and fell in love with many people so much that the powder coat, the must-have of that season, now became a classics along with a beige trench, and the color grew to a more neutral, muffled and dusty shade, increasing the scope of distribution. Completely in the spirit of modern art combining naivety and intellectuality, millennial pink reflects the harmony of tender youth, relaxed comfort, bright personality, bold challenge, and intelligence.

Pink millennial is now considered as a universal color in industrial design and architecture, but in everyday life, it still prevails in girls’ wardrobes. The trends of children’s fashion fully fit into the general context of the fashion industry, almost literally copying the trends of clothing for adults, so the following tips will suit a girl of any age.

The modern generation can afford a monochrome total look, but we recommend choosing one or two items of this shade. Such a decision will favorably emphasize the dignity of this attractive color and the refinement of style. In the summer, the most spectacular looks are powdery dresses and sundresses made from natural fabrics, in the evening you can wear hoodies with an inscription or a volumetric sweet shot with a bright print in Asian style. The most obvious trend of this season is sneakers of pink color, which can be found in different brands in any price segment and style: from pronounced glamour with satin bows, to practical casual from technological materials. The original accent will be a micro-backpack made of ecological leather, a belt-bag with a holographic “mermaid” sputtering in the style of 2000-s, and a roomy shopper, made of linen or dense cotton with a geometric pattern.

Dusty-pink traditionally blends well with white and grey, in addition, it looks good in a company of soft blue. Lavender, body and dark green. Actual notes of futurism add silver and varnish surfaces, the retro-image of the 80’s and 90’s is easy to create with a skirt or loose shorts of light denim. With black and shades of red millennial pink is worth combining with caution. To avoid excessive rudeness and flashy brightness, black is best replaced with graphite, scarlet-plum, and eggplant. The main thing does not forget about what mood or image you create, choosing colors, prints, and textures.

The modern perception of pink allows him to relevant in any situation, so boldly compliment your wardrobe with things of the color of powder and long live the pink!

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