Mass product reviews: how to fix the situation for your own benefit

Mass product reviews: how to fix the situation for your own benefit

Big amount of feedback about certain product defects is always a nuisance for the company. But there are such creative businessmen, who still manage to get out of a negative situation with dignity and even increase profits. The secret is to care about the society's opinion and a sincere desire to correct the situation or, in some way, to smooth out. It is possible, of course, not for everyone, and some others suffer from defeat.


The number of reviews is increasing every year, and even every month. All because of the globalization of society, its transition to the field of technology. Therefore, consumers become very demanding for everything they buy, and companies do not always have time to answer such a number of inquiries.


Yes, later, such entrepreneurs understand that information in the modern world is distributing so fast, that buyers can control everything that is happening. Companies also "play in hand" as it receives quick feedback from customers, and on the other side, it’s anxious for those who have already encountered unpleasant product feedback.


In general, feedback is a kind of action that prevents the entry of a product into a general sale, which can cause damage to health or endanger the safety of people. In general, they distinguish between compulsory (the company does not respond to the response) and voluntary (response to detected defects after checking that was madded in time) reviews. Accordingly, this request itself may appear at the stage of wholesale sales, retail or directly to the consumer. Of course, the last stage is the most painful for the company. It is very expensive and it has a bad influence on the image.


The future of the enterprise will largely depend on how it will take place in the first days after the response. Experts are confident when a defective product is detected, it must be replaced as soon as possible, and the client should receive a pleasant bonus or financial compensation. Business owners or representatives are advised to establish a positive communication with the client. The main thing is not to try to hide the situation, it will not going to happen anyway. And if you have started to deal with the situation, it is better to do everything in a right way.


The faster the defect will be detected, the fewer people will suffer and fewer negative reviews will appear.

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