Recommended clients — loyalty only

Recommended clients — loyalty only

They are easy to sell to. You don’t have to tell them hours, how good your products are, why the prices are like this and for what discounts are for, etc.

They clearly understand and know exactly what they want and for what they come. And usually, they want the thing you already have for sale.

If you made rumors already, about how good you are at picking clothes, women you don’t know may come to you and said: “My friend told me about you, she is buying her clothes in your store. Help me look good! Pick stylish clothes for me too! ”

How to attract more customers by recommendation?

There is a rule: the satisfied customer will tell about you three of his friends. Unsatisfied tell about it ten of his friends. So, your task is to make maximum efforts to make the customer happy. Let’s consider reasons, how to make people tell about you and recommend you to their friends and relatives.

  • That’s a good product! Customers loving it. The things you sell are good quality. It deserves to be bought with pleasure.
  • I want to show off! People loving it. Women have thoughts, something like: “I am pretty smart-beautiful-awesome and I bought this. I want to show off with it in front of my friends.” It’s like street talk, it works on its own.
  • Perfect service! Not good, but PERFECT service and pleasant salesmen. This is what really lacking: when salesmen working really good — they recommend right things and selling them with no hard pressure. With a smile on their faces, not with the sad expression.


Method №1. Make all stages of sales perfect.

Recommending your store to your customer friends and relatives are depending on what did your salesmen say to him. From first till last minute chatting. On each step, from entering till exiting from the store. If you want your customers wanted to buy your goods, they needed to be sure not only in the good quality of the product but in good customer service. If you made a nice impression from buying something in your store, your customers will be talking about you in a good way!

Method №2. Make your customer above everything all.

When you build your business customer-oriented, they see it and coming back to you time after time. Help them dress up nice, choose to clothe right, combine colors. Explain how with help of a pick in a right way cloth, they can make their shape more good-looking or hide some issues. Imagine: the customer will come to your place buying good, just because she has a personal stylist here! Because only here they pick up a nice thing and get dressed up with the taste.

  • It’s comfy.
  • It’s elite.
  • It’s pleasant.

100% guaranteed, friends of a satisfied customer will just be delighted to get know about image and style.

They will be interested too. And come to your store too. And buy something too!

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