Kid’s fashion: what school uniform is in 2018’s trends

Kid’s fashion: what school uniform is in 2018’s trends

School uniform is a special element of the girl's wardrobe. This is a kind of clothes for the day, which should be comfortable, practical, high-quality and fashionable. Classic and sophisticated costumes make the little princess an elegant lady dressed in an official-business style. But to make clothes not only restrained but also stylish, designers have developed a lot of styles to please the most demanding fashionistas. So, what school uniform is in 2018’s trends?

Let’s start with color. For the most part, they choose dark shades, because they do not distract students. This, in particular, black, grey, maroon, green, blue, brown. To make the image more interesting, sometimes choosing skirts with the red, grey or blue cell.


Straight skirts, which could be a dress with thin belt, are in trend this year. Strict and elegant dresses can be monochrome or with geometric prints. There are three choices of these dresses: with long sleeves, with quarter sleeves, and without sleeves at all (you can also wear blouse or turtle-neck).


A standard skirt and jacket set is a mandatory and versatile element of the school wardrobe. You can combine these two things with many others and carry them separately. Jackets can be either one or two buttons, or with zipper. Regarding the skirts, this season is very popular pleated, tatyanka’s, straight, trapezoid and pencil-like.


No sleeve’s sarafan is must have in every schoolgirl’s wardrobe. Under it wear a blouse or turtleneck, and during the cold season, wear a jacket. In trend, sundresses with a cell print, with a pleated skirt, overpriced or understated by the waist.


As for the blouse, they should be white for the school, and according to the season with a long and short sleeve. They are decorated with lace, bows, and even with frills on the chest. Also, a trend for shirts with a classic straight collar.


Trouser suit is a finding for girls who do not really enjoy dresses. In 2018, these should be trousers with narrow and slightly shortened pins, which are combined with an elongated jacket.


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