How to take care of your clothes so it can last longer

How to take care of your clothes so it can last longer

You can talk a lot about fashion, beauty and nice clothing, and how it fits our girls. Because, every our dress — elegant and unique perfection. But it is important not only to create a special model but also to choose the best fabric and clothing fittings.

Suzie brand works with different fabrics and textures, so the ways to take care of it are totally different. We are using such fabrics, as cotton, viscose, satin, and others. Everything among them has its own temperature barrier and care recommendations.

Cotton — is a fabric we are using most of all because of its useful properties. The fabric absorbs moisture well, so cotton wares are nice to wear. Suzie designers have long liked clothing madded from this material. It gives to image special lightness, and tenderness, such as the “Kylie” blouse for example.

Things made of cotton are resistant to high temperatures while wash and iron them. You can wash white wares with 95 ° C if you do that in the washing machine. For color cloth, the optimal temperature will be 60 ° C.

We are often using viscose when creating school uniform. Fabrics madded from it are pleasant for touch, have a high color intensity and soft shining. Viscose giving a sense of chill in hot periods and sense of warmth in cold periods. The intensity of the color allows you to create rich colored products. Viscose fabrics are sensible to thermal influences, that’s why we suggest washing them with temperature no higher, then 40 °.

In our new collection, we create comfort, beauty, style, and originality. That is what made it possible to create incredible images of our girls for each day. Of course, we don’t forget about special occasions, so we took care of that. We have gorgeous evening dresses impossible not to fall in love with them. Those dresses will be pleasing for most demanding ladies because of its tenderness, refinement, and uniqueness.

Our designers underscored evening images with small fitting elements, which making fashionistas image more tenderness. And, of course, paettes — they took a special place in our kid’s hearts.

Suzie — is not just a clothing. It is fashion image, which let you feel yourself confidently, stylishly and follow the latest fashion trends. Our summer models already liked by girls.

Also, we use polyester fiber. It could be washed with 40 ° C in the washing machine. Some polyester fibers can handle even 60 ° С (look for the clothing label for rules of care). High heating up can cause folds, difficult to smooth out. You can use universal detergents for white fabric. For colored ones, we are recommending means for washing thin fabrics. If you need to iron, we recommend using only low heated up iron (“silk” mode will be the best option here) through the wet fabric. You can also do dry-cleaning. Polyester fiber was used in “Donatella” models.

We are hoping, information was useful for you all, and our clothing will make your children happy.

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