How to check the quality of cloth accessories

How to check the quality of cloth accessories

When parents buying clothing for their children, they usually look for fabric quality. But they must not forget about accessory clothing also, which makes cloth more functional or aesthetic. Zippers, buttons, studs or brooches — those are important components of the model.

According to “Suzie”™  technical director Eugenia Reshetnik’s words, when you choose clothes for your little kids, you should pay attention to accessories clothing quality.

-“Suzie”™ is using accessories for the different function, but most of all we are looking for its quality. All these elements must be easy to use. Zippers and buttons must be easily fastened, for example, so a child can do it easily on its own.


- Where does “Suzie”™ buy those items, and how do you control its quality?

- Most of the time we are working with Turkish manufactures. They are the best. There could be other companies, which we are making contacts at various expos. We are always making test sample and multiple times using it shows the quality of accessories. Our workers had many years experience, so they able to find any problems with materials. We also pay attention to product design. It must be always matched our product. In a case when it’s a brooch, we must know will it be useful here, or it will be better to change the place of the brooch on this model or even transfer it to another item.


- How can the customer check the quality of the accessory in store or at mart himself?

- You could check the zipper’s quality by fastening it up and down multiple times. When you do it with no extra effort, easily and there are no deformations on cloth texture, you can be sure this is a good zipper. Same for cloth studs. Places with paint you could scratch with your nail, where it has ribbed edges and where it can be scratched by friction a lot.

We, the manufacturer, do not afraid of people will multiple times dressed on and off our cloth, or zipped up and down zippers on it. If you come to the store and you are instantly not allowed to do such things, you should think store may hide some defects this way.


- Is there an expiration date for such kind of items?

- Manufacturers do not use this thing for accessories. Its endurance depends on items design. If its decorative, you can’t say it will last for years. The paint can wipe out and small particles could be lost. Especially if you violated terms of using it. It depends on the price as well.


- And the last question: Are there requirements for accessories for children's clothing?

- Yes. First of all, it’s a size of it. Secondly, the accessory must be with no sharp edges, simple and easy to use. You can have items, which you will be a zipper or button up and down many times on your adult clothing. You needed to have some extra skills on it. But in child clothing accessories must be easier and simpler, as the kids will use it. You could use different materials for making these items. The important thing here is they can’t be toxic.

Author: Natalia Humeniuk

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