Introverted brands and their features

Introverted brands and their features

Among the main features of introverted brands are calm, thoughtfulness, aesthetic simplicity, self-sufficiency. Despite its rather measured characteristics, such brands are most impressed by extrovert, those people who always show activity.


Experts saying that psychological type of the customer does not always correspond to the psychological type of the brand. This is explained by the fact that the buyer may simply want to be in one or another state. In our case it’s calm. And this does not fit for the extroverts at all.


It happens extroverted customers wanted to look more thoughtful and introverts to be more persistent and socially active. That's why it is totally logical that introverted brand will be most interesting for extroverted customers. Exactly that psycho type inclined to choose so-called “wanted state”.


However, the assertion that introverts are passive buyers is false. Of course, they are rational and less enthusiastic about the extrovert, but they should not be let out of sight at all. Representatives of a neutral character will also be more suitable for introverted brands, they are closer to perception and understanding.


That’s why making an introverted brand you can rely on such an extroverted audience. In general, introspective values ​​are most appropriate because they can be found in any product category and will stand out against most extroverted brands.

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