Inspiration: popular children's film images

Inspiration: popular children's film images

Art creates vivid images that are easily imprinted in the memory and subconscious, becoming part of the culture and life of society. We may not know what roots a particular style of dressing or hairstyle has. But how we express ourselves through appearance depends on everything we see. The heroes of our favorite films, intimate surroundings, and a glimpse of a picture or photo determine our visual language. Therefore, it is important to explore the world through visual art, which combines the archetypical images and the creative vision of the author.
Probably nothing affects a person’s taste as effectively as a movie. Since the film combines elements of many genres (painting, photography, dramaturgy, music) and affects immediately several senses of perception (sight, hearing). That is why the images of heroes often become an example of intentional or subconscious imitation. Particularly interesting in this sense are the film incarnations of children. We will tell about the most popular of them today.

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter series, 2001-2011

The book by JK Rowling, which at one time made many children fall in love with reading, led to an impressive screen version. She gave the world the expressive image of a charming nerdy witch. Hermione is a good role model for girls, this character is distinguished by her cute appearance, talent, intelligence, ability to be friends and empathize. The style of a magical school can be an inspiration for your little one's school wardrobe. No wonder that on Pinterest you can find a lot of collections with sets based on your favorite movie. The basis of the image of Hermione is made up of elements of preppy, the style of English elite colleges. These are pleated skirts, white shirts, sweaters, and V-neck cardigans, ties, embroidered emblems, scarves, comfortable loafers or oxfords. The mantle of the sorceress can be replaced with a cape or poncho, which are especially popular this season.

Alice, "Alice in Wonderland", 2010

Another bright film adaptation of the popular book about the wonderful world represents the image of the curious girl Alice. In the 2010 Tim Burton film, the heroine matured, but the distinctive features remained unchanged - a fluffy blue dress and light curls. A white apron and a black hoop with a bow remained in the animated version, but for the modern image of a little lady, they are optional. Variations on the theme of Alice's dress are relevant for girls of any age, as they have the versatility of a romantic style.

Wednesday, Addams Family, 1991

The character of the comics and several screenings, the funny Wednesday Addams was best remembered in the embodiment of the young Christina Ricci in the 1991 film. Two pigtails, a dark gray dress with a white collar - this film image with a touch of gothic, however, is very suitable for school.

Matilda, Leon, 1994

The outfits of the twelve-year-old heroine of the cult film by Luc Besson fully meet the fashion of his era, whose features are again at the peak of popularity due to the increased interest in the nineties. Denim shorts, big bomber jackets, as if from someone else’s shoulder, rough shoes, chokers are favorite things and modern teenagers, so the image that talented Natalie Portman embodied is more relevant than ever.

Successful decisions of costume designers turned the images of heroines into iconic and easily recognizable. Using their findings, you can add expressiveness and brightness to the wardrobe of the child.

What kind of movie incarnations inspire you and your children?

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