I will go modelling — teach me, someone! Part 3: our first photo shoot

I will go modelling — teach me, someone! Part 3: our first photo shoot

(For those who are not familiar with the previous parts of the cycle, we suggest you read them first: First part; Second part)

We continue our series of articles on the life and work of a little model. Today, as promised in the third part we are talking about our first photo session. We hope it will be interesting. So, let’s not delay and start our story.


Of course, any work begins with pre-training. In our case, there are several mandatory rules.


  • Good and healthy sleep. The model, regardless of age, should have a good sleep before the shooting day. From a lack of sleep, the face will be tired. And in the photo, the girl should look fresh and happy.
  • Appearance. Look beautiful is one of the main criteria in this business. Nobody wants to have bruised knees or elbows. Therefore, you and your daughter should understand: if the shooting date is already set, you should avoid any scratches and bruises, even the weaker ones. Also, you may need to adjust the girl’s haircuts and make manicure and pedicure.
  • Food in the morning. Do not forget to have a nice and delicious breakfast! There are few hours of genuine work ahead for your little beauty. Or maybe you’ll be busy all day long. So, most likely there will be breaks for a snack, but absolutely not suitable to start work on an empty stomach. Just do not overdo it — excessively large portions will also be inappropriate.
  • Do not be late! If the start of the shooting is scheduled, for example, at 9 AM, this means that already at 8:55 AM you have to be absolutely ready for the photo shoot. What we mean: dressed, with a hair dress on the head and a make-up on the face, fully tuned to work. Do not forget: time on the set is quite expensive and nobody is ready to spend it on something other than work. Even if, the model is a little girl.


With the age, there will be even more rules. This will involve going on cosmetological procedures, possibly to the solarium for the lightly tanned effect… Everything will depend on the requirements of the model. But while we are dealing with a kid, everything is relatively simple.


Let’s move on to the very process of filming. Most likely, the team and the photographer themselves are aware that this photo shoot for your beauty is the first ever. Therefore, they will be more tolerant to the girl. But this does not abolish the fact that it is necessary to carry out the work with full responsibility. So for a girl shooting can be turned into a kind of game to make a process more interesting for her. The child should not forget why she is here. Therefore, your daughter should listen and not argue with the shooting team and with the photographer about poses and facial expressions.


And your task is to become a moral support. You are the only person familiar to her, and if something goes wrong, it will be up to you to solve the unpleasant situation. For example, when she is hungry, wants water, or freezing. Children will be children, so tears are possible. Parents always have to be some psychologists and you probably know ways to calm and cheer up your beauty.


Well, the shooting has come to an end. Today a lot of work was done and everyone is happy with the result. Your kid perfectly understood her tasks, so the whole photo session was quick and high-quality.


Our next article will be final in this small cycle. We will talk about famous children’s models. About how they have succeeded and become famous all over the world. Who knows, maybe your pretty girl will soon fill this list.

See you soon!

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