I will go modelling — teach me, someone! Part 2: newbie model

I will go modelling — teach me, someone! Part 2: newbie model

We continue a series of articles about the way of a girl in the model business. In the first part, we talked about what waiting for parents and their little handsome beauties when they are just starting to embody the idea of becoming a model.


So, we stopped at the fact that’s it’s time to switch from home games about being a model to work at a model agency.

Before you take your phone and call, prepare a portfolio of the future star. The photos you made yourself, playing with your girl in the model, may be poor quality, or inappropriate due to lighting, background, or other disadvantages. Therefore, we will have to make better pictures in the photo salon.


At this stage, this is the most important moment. You need a real professional photographer, a master of his business, who knows that this is a photo for a model portfolio. Take from 6 to 10 shots. This will be enough for most agencies. The photographer will tell you which photo is needed, and how the child behaves in front of the lens.


Finally, we received photos of our model. And they are incredible! It’s time to pick up a place for a girl to study and work. Show patience  and understanding. Even if during a call to the first agency you briefly refused, feel free to dial the next one.


Fortune smiled! Finally, typing several phone numbers, one of the model agencies told you firmly: “yes!”. Of course, this is just the beginning of a long and thorny way, but the most important thing is to make the first correct step that you have accomplished. From now on, your life and the life of your little star will change forever.


You are in the agency, but it’s been 2 weeks and nobody calls you. Nobody wants to take photos of your daughter. Why so? No terrible thing happened, this is absolutely normal because the life of the model is not filled only with the photo shoot and fashion shows. It happens that they will be invited to work every few days, but sometimes the model will wait for a single call for months. It all depends on the requirements of the customer, and the number of children who will meet these requirements.


In no case do not waste your daughter’s time. You need a school of models. After all, being simply beautiful is by no means the only criterion is work. The girl should be open and natural in front of the camera, In addition, to participate in fashion shows, she must walk on the podium correctly. For this  lies the whole science and in one day, such knowledge can not be obtained. It requires constant practice.

She will teach them all the tricks in the children’s model school. In good educational institutions, learning is transformed into a kind of game, the same child will be really interesting. In addition, such classes will have a particularly positive effect on the portfolio of the girl.


And now, finally, a sacramental phone call is ringing! You will find that you are invited to photo session! The real one, with a work schedule and payment for hours spent on the set. Now everything is more serious than ever. You are ready to shoot and get paid for it with real money. So let’s imagine how the first commercial photo shoot will go… But, you know, this is great material for the third article, because Suzie has a lot to tell!

Stay with us!

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