I will go modelling — teach me, someone! Part 1: Preparing to make dream come true

I will go modelling — teach me, someone! Part 1: Preparing to make dream come true

What kind of girl since her childhood does not dream to conquer the world and become a top model?! There is a loud music, she is walking confidently on a long podium. The one, with which the most fashionable couturier wants to work; the one in which every man falls in love; and the one to which any woman on the planet will envy.


Usually, the dream remains to live only in the head of a little beauty. And what if a career model is not a bad idea? Perhaps you, as parents, need to think and give your daughter studying this difficult business?


So let’s start by understanding that the future model must be able to know and know before it crosses the threshold of the children’s agency.


Of course, for every mother and dad, their children are the most beautiful in the world But you need to understand that everything looks different in the photo than in a real life. Having a nice appearance is not enough. Photographers will look for some individual, not similar to other features.


Despite the fact that we are talking about little girls, you need to clearly understand: prepare for hard work. Your girl will have to get up in the morning, have breakfast and go to the shooting place. And upon arrival, it is sometimes necessary to wait several hours for the start to work.

Always stay alert. It happens that you need to go to the photo session immediately. Showing you are tired, annoyed and other negative emotions are unacceptable. The mood must remain elevated and optimistic. Not only girls but you too. After all, for a kid, you remain the only native person on shooting. Therefore, to trust and take an example, it will be from you.


There may be some kind of trouble during shooting: a child will be very upset by something, for example, a headache will start to hurt her. It is your task that will reassure her and somehow help. No one will continue his work if the girl is sad. And the time taken for the photo shoot is a very expensive thing.


All this does not frighten you and your beauty? Okay, let’s start embodying a conceived life!

To get started, run an experiment at home: take it seriously, because this is the easiest way to see how much the idea of becoming a child model is successful. So, the task is simple: take pictures of your little girl. But at the same time, try to simulate a normal working day. That is, let her wear some clothes and pose for you. Made a series of photos, quickly change the clothing into something else and do the next series of photos. When photographing, do not leave the model static. Let her change poses, expressions on her face.


For each photo session spend at least 15 minutes. Try to complete 3-4 photo sessions in different clothes. It will help you and your child understand how tedious it is to introduce a girl to a typical job that is waiting for her. In addition, it can give you your first portfolio.

Also, after the break, imitate the fashion show. Look at these videos together, let the small model try to repeat the behavior, and the progress of her future colleagues on the screen. Of course, it’s better to watch children’s shows.


If all of these tests you and your daughter have been successful and you already see her on the podium, it’s probably the time to look for the agency!

This is about the first steps, already as a real model, we will talk in the following articles. See you soon!

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