How to teach a girl to properly take care of herself

How to teach a girl to properly take care of herself

A few years after the birth of the hygiene and appearance of the girl completely follow the parents. They choose her clothes, decide what will be her mode of the day, food. But closer to school age everything changes and the child's independence becomes not only necessary but also natural.


The care for yourself begins immediately after the sleep. The girl should be explained, how it is important to wash up, brush her teeth, shower and gently grind hair. To make it all a habit, repeat these things in the appropriate one in turn for several consecutive weeks.


Mothers are advised to be a good example to follow. If mom has a habit of waking up in the morning, makeup and dresses nice, then be sure that the young lady will do the same. The girl sees her mother caring for her face, clothes, shoes.


Her fingernails are worth paying attention. Somewhere at the age of 6 till 9, you can already help the girl to bring them to the appropriate aesthetic look. We recommend buying a children’s manicure set and teach the child to use it. You can also use a non-vivid nail polish for your nails.


When the daughter first picked up her lipstick it’s not necessary to take her off at once. It is better to explain in which cases cosmetics should be used. We also recommend showing how to properly paint your lips and what color is right to your beauty. The same applies to other cosmetics Well, an adult thing can now be easily replaced by children. Manufacturers offer a large selection of children’s decorative cosmetics.


Already in adolescence, skin care is not only to be special. Therefore, parents are better off asking a cosmetologist or dermatologist. The specialists will determine the type of skin of the child, explain what changes occur with it due to hormonal changes. They will recommend the right methods and means of care.

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