How to set the accents in the autumn image of the girl

How to set the accents in the autumn image of the girl

When an adult girl has to choose between beauty and comfort, she can easily make a choice in favor of the first option. Modern fashion tendencies and lifestyle trends tend to keep up with naturalness and comfort, so staying stylish in warm clothes is the thing that can and should be doing. Especially when it comes to baby clothes. Our advice will help successfully complete the wardrobe with fashionable hits this season and combine them correctly with other things.

The off-season period is often overwhelming, and temperature variations prevent from dress to feel well in the cold, rainy morning and in the sunny noon. Therefore, the best principle for autumn images is multilayers and eclectic. For example, the actual combination of outerwear of different types and styles: under a bulky and laconic coat of discreet hue, you can now wear even jeans, a jacket with natural or eco-skins, a velvet or a sportive bomber jacket. For a school the best companion of a coat will be a classic beige trench or jacket.

An excellent option for demi-season clothing is a short coat madded from colored eco-fur or an artificial sheepskin coat. These materials are good not only because they are in the top of the main trends of the season, but they are also light and warm enough to protect the child from cold and wind without interrupting movements.

For the warmer days of "Indian summer", you can buy an elongated vest of a straight or semi-adjoining silhouette under the belt. But it's important to keep the correct proportions — the product should not be too bulky, so as not to spoil the sophisticated figure of the girl.

Another "warm trend" is thin skinny hoods and ski hoodies with a high gate and a zipper-lock in front. They can be as short in combination with leggings and jeans-skins as well as with long ones (mini-dresses with dense colored tights). To the top, you can have a park or sports jacket with a metallic shine. A stroke combo will come with a classic straight coat and sneakers on a massive sole.

Headgear is the most unlikely item of wardrobe for many girls, so the child will be happy with only the most stylish accessories. We advise you to try capes and sports knitted hats. And the brightest and fun headphones made of synthetic fur fit the smallest.

The approaching cold is not a reason to leave everything fashionable, dressed in boring jackets and boots. Even the opposite: multi-layer gives more space for creativity and self-expression. Feel free to experiment with the images, choose your best girls and have a trendy autumn!

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