How to read labels on children’s clothing

How to read labels on children’s clothing

Every time, when buying new clothes for a girl or a boy, parents focus on the look of the model, its comfort and the material from which it was sewn. But there is one more parameter to which you must take all responsibility: information on the care of the thing on its tag. After all, once you wash your clothing with inappropriate washing mode and it will be spoiled.


Of course, all parents want their children to be the best and most beautiful. Therefore, they are buying children's clothing that will be fashionable and fit all fashion trends. Manufacturers usually try to use rather unpretentious fabrics. You can wash them together with other things.


If you see a sign that is remotely reminiscent of a crown (in fact, it is a bowl of water), this means that the thing is not afraid of the washing machine. You notice the hand in the "crown", it’s mean hand washing, with a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. The figure 60, respectively, means the temperature is already 60 degrees. "Crown" contains two horizontal lines underneath? Be sure to turn on the delicate washing mode. Crossed by this sign indicates a prohibition of washing in washing machine.


By the way, did you notice the circle? Means of clothes can be cleaned in dry cleaning. When the circle is crossed, accordingly, on the contrary in no case do not bring it there.


Let's talk about ironing. This process, of course, is described by a sign of iron. Pay attention to the number of points placed on the sign. One point: iron at a temperature of not more than 110, two means up to 150, and three allow as much as 200 degrees.


Some manufacturers of children's clothing, in our opinion, are absolutely correct, placing in addition to the generally accepted signs, also short text descriptions of washing and ironing procedures. Suzie is one of their numbers. Each of our tags contains both characters and short text, then you do not need to worry if you are considering buying children's clothes in bulk, or making a small-scale production of our brand. In addition to high-quality and fashionable outfits, you will get a thing that is extremely easy to care for.


You can see all signs we are placing on our labels by following this link: https://suzie.ua/info.


Suzie worries not only about the look of your girlfriend, but also about your wallet!

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