How to place products in clothing store in a right way

How to place products in clothing store in a right way

Aesthetically decorated clothing store prompts a potential buyer to enter the inside. And this is the first step towards making a purchase. This is how you make your profit. That is why the correct design of windows, shelves, and decomposition of things on the shelves are extremely important in the work of the store.


Experts distinguish several basic rules of clothing placement in the store:


  1. Display. This is the first one what client saws. That’s why it must have nice lighting and design must match the style of clothing that sold in the store.
  2. You need to place mannequins on displays. They are for dressing up the best collection items.
  3. 80-90% of the customers turning to the right after they entered the store. So the most sells exactly in this area. Experts recommending to place new collections items right there.
  4. The cheaper and last collection clothing better to put a bit deeper in the store.
  5. In the room, it is necessary to place additional tables with clothes and mannequins in such a way that the entire area of ​​the store could easily be viewed by the administrator. Such security measures will not be superfluous.
  6. A fitting room should be comfortable and cozy since usually there are not one by one. Very well, when a small resting or a children's area organized there.


In addition, the entire shopping area can be divided into three zones. The first one is the newest and most expensive items, the second one is for casual clothes and the third one is for youth clothing. You do not have to mix all the types of clothing together, then the buyer is only confused and will not find the right things.

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