How to pick up shoes for children’s summer image

How to pick up shoes for children’s summer image

Probably, all parents have a situation, when you bought new shoes month ago for your kid, and they already small. And every time, when you went to buy a new pair, you have doubts about what model is better for your child and serve long enough. This is especially true if we talk about summer shoes when kids are very active and full of energy.


The most popular shoes in the warm season are sandals. They can be with open or closed on a heel and toe sections. Sandals of different colors and models parents choosing mostly for everyday wearing. They are universal and have a perfect match with girls dress or boys pants depends on of their design.


For sportswear, jeans or shorts better to get some sneakers. Children can feel more comfortable wearing them, but sometimes in such closed-type shoe, the baby may feel herself hot. Some lighter solution is a slip-ons with a fabric top. They are perfect for an even picnic with parents, especially if it will go until evening and the weather became cooler.


For a special event, image choose varnished shoes. They are picking, depending on color or outfit’s fashion. Little ladies can wear also ballet flats and bright sandals on a small platform. They can be decorated with bows, sequins or stones.


For relaxing along the river or the sea, get slippers or sandals from non-wetting materials. They can be picked to combine colors with hat, cap or swimwear of your child. If you go to places, where pebble beach, you going to need special shoes — aqua shoes or crocs.


Do not forget that the best shoes for your child - natural, made from leather. It is also important to check the presence of an orthopedic insert. It will help feet grow and develop in a right way.

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