How to dress a baby in a trip to nature

How to dress a baby in a trip to nature

When a child goes to his first long trip to nature, it’s always a small adventure that will be remembered for her through a whole life. Sleep in the tent, cook food on fire, singing songs under the guitar: and this is still not all that awaits the child during the campaign. Among all this positive, there are many negative factors, such as insects, wild animals, or even high or low air temperatures. To make such a holiday truly remembered only by good events and was safe, mothers should take care that the child took with him the most necessary things.


  1. Child clothing should correspond to the season. Parents need to be foreseeable and put several changes of clothes in the bag in the case of rain or cold weather. Ensure that the child wears pants that completely cover the legs, and the shirt is with long sleeves.
  2. To protect the baby from insect bites, buy several creams or special sprays. Read the instructions carefully and tell them how to use to the child.
  3. A first aid kit with a disinfectant, a bandage, a cotton wool and the most essential pills should also be taken in the campaign. We hope it will not be needed and the trip will go away without injuries.
  4. Because the weather is often changing, taking the raincoat will be a good choice. It is light and takes up a small amount of space, so it will fit even in a children's backpack.
  5. Pay attention to the shoes. In order to avoid injury, it must be adapted for walking in the area where the child goes. Another pair of lighter shoes should be spared.
  6. Be sure to put hygiene products: a toothbrush, a paste, a soap, a shampoo.


Before the campaign parents should explain to the children how to behave in nature. It is also worth discussing the potential dangers and how to act in case of unforeseen situations.

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