How to choose the perfect shoes for a festive dress

How to choose the perfect shoes for a festive dress

Girls are always choosing carefully the best outfits that emphasize individuality and beauty. However, a spectacular dress is only part of a complete image. In the company of inappropriate accessories, the charm of even the most stylish and relevant things is lost. Therefore, we decided to share with you tips about what shoes to complement the fashionable image of a little lady.

The main criterion for the selection of children's shoes is the comfort. Of course, among the important indicators of convenience, there are necessarily natural materials, high-quality fittings and the right size. Adequate heel height is one of the main criteria. For each age group, there are clear recommendations. The smallest ones (up to eight years old) are allowed the height of 1-1.5 cm, for girls from eight to thirteen years old, you can choose shoes with heels up to 2 cm, from thirteen to seventeen - up to 4 cm can also ruin the posture and gait of a young lady. The best option will be wide heels, these are now at the peak of its popularity.

The eclectic fashion, that is, an arbitrary mix of different styles, cancels the previous rules that the style should be the same. For example, before it was believed that elegant dresses do not tolerate sneakers. With a new course on comfort and naturalness, comfortable shoes can be part of any outfit. A lush dress on a little princess will look even sweeter if you wear glamorous sneakers or slip-on shoes to him. If she likes the romantic style more, pick up shoes with an ankle strap that securely fix the leg and do not fall down, even if you buy a half size more “for growth”. Older girls will be looking great with interesting models of loafers or oxfords. Velvet or varnished classic shoes, spangled or sewn with stones, will suit as well.

To create a harmonious picture there is a simple rule: only one bright accent must be an image. If the dress made from shiny fabric, it is better to combine it with matte accessories. In a more minimalistic material and cut outfit, you can add a highlight in the form of unusual shoes with rich decor. Velvet dress cannot be worn with velvet shoes, even if they match perfectly in color, otherwise there is a risk to look monotonous. Pick up shoes under her purse or clutch is also a bad manner.
Bright individual style creates details. Give them special attention and the image of your princess will sparkle with new colors.


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