How to choose the perfect hat for a girl

How to choose the perfect hat for a girl

It is no secret that the seasonal need to wear a headgear does not cause delight in children. An unsuccessfully selected cap for a long time spoils the reputation of this useful accessory in the eyes of a child. Therefore, we have prepared tips for you on how to please the girl with stylish detail that harmoniously complements the autumn-winter wardrobe.

The most fashionable and shocking headdress of this season is a balaclava. A knitted cap-hood, which additionally covers the neck and lower part of the face. This bold accessory will suit girls who are not afraid to stand out. It is better to combine a balaclava with voluminous space-style jackets and boots with thick soles.
Another actual, but more universal trend are detachable hoods and scarves. Models of fluffy wool look great with outerwear in a wide variety of styles. You can combine them with a classic straight coat, or with a fluffy eco-fur coat, or with a sheepskin coat. The main thing is to choose the right color.
Also pay attention to the beanie-cap (knitted hat, elongated at the crown). This laconic sports-style headgear is now recommended to be worn not only with inflated jackets, parks, and jeans but also with a classic-style coat and oversize.
The best solution for the cold is a neat hat with a lapel of thick bulky yarn. All the beauty of knitting is most clearly manifested in such products. This type of material goes well with any clothing from a ski jacket to an elegant coat with a belt. And if you add the same scarf, the image becomes really cozy and warm.

No matter what style your princess prefers, be sure to pay attention to the materials. The priority is the natural composition and feelings of the child. Choose a quality thing that will be loved and will delight the girl for more than one season. Get warm with taste!

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